‘Supernatural’ 13.03 Recap and Review: Patience

Supernatural Recap 13.03

While Sam is back in the bunker, still working with Jack on controlling those crazy Nephilim powers, Dean is on the road, working a case with Jody. There’s a wraith on the loose, and he has a taste for psychics. In particular, the wraith has taken out a protégé of our old friend, Missouri Moseley.

Missouri sends Jody and Dean out to Georgia to look after her family. In particular, Missouri believes that her granddaughter may have inherited her powers and therefore be next on the wraith’s hitlist. What Jody and Dean don’t know is that Missouri has already seen how her side of this story is going to end. By sending our heroes to Georgia, she’s ensured that her family will live, but only after the wraith takes her out.

Jody and Dean arrive in Buckhead on the doorstep of Missouri’s estranged son and granddaughter. Patience is having prophetic dreams about the wraith, but she doesn’t know enough to understand what’s happening in her own mind. James has been keeping her in the dark about the possibility of her having her grandmother’s powers, to the point of telling her that Missouri was a fake.

The wraith takes Patience from her own bedroom while the grownups are downstairs, arguing about the best way to keep her safe. Patience embraces her psychic abilities just in time to keep her father, Jody, and Dean from being killed by the wraith as they try to rescue her. James is finally willing to acknowledge that Patience has the family abilities, but he and Patience decide to ignore them in favor of allowing Patience to lead a normal life. We’ll see how that goes.

The most recent episode of Supernatural saw the introduction of Patience, one of the new characters in the upcoming spinoff, Wayward Sisters. If this episode is anything to go by, she’s going to be a great addition to the Supernatural universe. I’m predicting a tragic death for dear ol’ dad, though. Parents don’t last long in this world, especially parents who aren’t keen on their offspring embracing the whole hunting lifestyle. We’ve got two more backdoor pilot episodes to go, and I’m interested to find out how Patience is going to join up with the rest of the Sisters.

As to the rest of the episode, Jack is still a precious cinnamon roll, Sammy’s settling into his role as Mr. Miyagi, and Dean is still being a jerk about the whole thing. It’s fine – I’m sure Dean’s negative attitude will have absolutely no long-lasting repercussions on the Jack’s fragile, “can I be good” psyche. Also, we finally have a semi-conscious Castiel, but I’m guessing he’ll be wandering in the ether for at least a little longer. We’ll see!

Things to Ponder:

  • For a backdoor pilot, I could have used a lot more action from Jody. We’ve seen her do more on much less important episodes.
  • Yes, as an Atlanta native, I DID have to check to see if there was actually a town called Buckhead in Georgia. (There is.)
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