‘The Disaster Artist’ Review: One of 2017’s Best Films

The Disaster Artist

A comical and delightful tribute to the cult classic The Room, The Disaster Artist follows the madness of filmmaker Tommy Wiseau and his best friend and fellow actor Greg Sestero. From arriving in LA to creating their very own film, which ended up costing north of $6 million, we get to follow these two on an hysterical and unforgettable ride through production to release of one of the most beloved midnight movies of all time.

The Disaster Artist stands out as one of 2017’s best films and one of the best pieces of work yet from James Franco, who not only directed the film but also stars as Tommy Wiseau (surely claiming himself a Best Actor nomination come Oscar time). Dave Franco also delivers a solid performance as Greg Sestero, the real heart and voice of reason in this film. The supporting cast is quite impressive as well – all delivering stellar performances, each one appearing on screen and creating an immediate smile from audience members (Doesn’t this happen with all of Franco’s films? The star power is simply always thrilling!).

If you’re a fan of The Room this is a film that you can’t miss – I mean don’t you want to better understand the best worst movie of all time? And if you’ve not seen The Room, you can come into this knowing nothing and still equally enjoy it – only when you leave the theater the first thing you’ll be asking is: Is The Room on Netflix and can we watch it tonight?

The answer sadly is no. The Room isn’t available on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc… But you can buy it through Amazon. Or if you’re lucky there is one of those midnight screenings near you – If you’re in Atlanta – The Plaza Theater has you covered. See it at one of these screenings if you can – as the fan reaction is one of the best parts of the film!

It’s truly incredible what Jame Franco has done with this picture, creating one of the best films of the year – inspired from what’s beloved as one of the worst movies of all time. Tommy Wiseau is a fascinating figure – and this film does a wonderful job at making him even more mysterious and interesting… while also bringing understanding to the madness. Well done, Mr. Franco. Well done.

Grade: A

The Disaster Artist Trailer


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