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4 Ridiculously Easy Dog Flying Holiday Hacks

4 Ridiculously Easy Dog Flying Holiday Hacks


Woman’s best friend deserves a break as much as the next guy. It’s not as if pooches have a comfortable life. They have to eat, drink and lay about the house periodically napping. A dog’s life isn’t a walk in the park! As soon as you consider going away with a pet, it’s tempting to pack the car and drive. After all, the vehicle is yours and you decide who gets a seat. Airlines are different because, well, they are awkward, and that’s animal-lovers tend to avoid buying a ticket. However, there are ways to make traveling with a pooch on a plane ridiculously simple and they are underneath for your convenience.

Get It In Writing

To tell you that it’s important to speak to the airline beforehand is like teaching your grandmother to suck eggs. It’s the first thing pet owners do because they don’t want any nasty surprise, and you are same. But, instead of calling and asking over the phone, you should interact via email. Yes, it’s longer and not as instantaneous yet there are specific pros to consider. The main one is that the response is in writing. As soon as an advisor green lights your dog for travel, then there is a backup plan in case there are problems.

Double Check

Even when you have a smoking gun, so to speak, it’s nice to be on the same page. After all, things change and airlines aren’t great at informing their customers of any changes. Or, they may leave it in the fine print, something the majority of Americans do not read. With that in mind, it’s a smart move to double check beforehand. All you have to do is call the customer support team and ask if there have been any adaptations to company policy regarding animals. If they say no, then everything is hunky dory and there is no reason to worry.

Don’t Forget Accommodation

Imagine if the flight is perfect and there are no problems, and then the poop hits the fan at the hotel. In fact, pet owners don’t have to picture this because it has probably happened to them before. So, never forget about the accommodation when flying with a pooch. TownePlace Suites Dallas DFW Airport North has an amazing two dog policy that is perfect, yet you need to know that before booking. Otherwise, they may have a strict “no pets allowed” policy which will ruin the trip. Read the fine print thoroughly, too.

Take Them For A Long Walk

While on the plane, your dog may start getting a little needy. Should this happen, it can cause a small amount of chaos on a flight. And, other passengers won’t take too kindly to a barking canine yapping in their ear. Everyone, you included, wants peace and exercise is the way forward. Going for a long walk on the day tires them out to the point where they will sleep the entire journey.

Do you avoid flying with your pet? How do you feel about it now?

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