Universal Orlando Unveils ‘Cinematic Celebration’

Jurassic Park

When I was a kid, I remember begging my parents to hold out for the entire day during our visit to Universal Studios Florida so we could see the nighttime spectacle that would take place in the lagoon. Whether it was speeding boats or huge floating balloons illuminated by projectors, they’d snag my attention. Over time, though, I was guilty of forgetting about the show as more and more rides at the park would warrant multiple visits right up until closing time.

Now, Universal has revealed a new experience dubbed the ‘Cinematic Celebration Show.’ This experience incorporates water effects, pyrotechnics, and something I know quite a bit about as a low voltage engineer: projection mapping tech! The show will feature some of the studio’s biggest films including the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise, ‘Jurassic World,’ ‘Despicable Me,’ and more! Check out the images and video below for a preview. Get your tickets to Universal Studios Florida here!



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