Lou Simon Discusses ‘3: An Eye for an Eye’


This week we got to sit down with filmmaker Lou Simon (All Girls Weekend, HazMat) about her upcoming revenge flick 3: An Eye for an Eye which debuts on VOD August 7th. Ms. Simon’s film tackles the subject of revenge fantasy, one that has been running through the minds of quite a few of us since the #MeToo movement became a reality. If you had the chance to personally interrogate an alleged criminal of hurting someone close to you, would you? And what if the person’s guilt may be in question?


A man and a woman kidnap her rapist in order to extract a confession from him. They need to get his confession on tape, because he has made up an alibi.  Locked up in the basement of a remote home, he is unwilling to confess on camera and continues to assert his innocence. With time running out, how far are they willing to go for justice and what if they are wrong?

3: An Eye for an Eye can be found on iTunes and other video-on-demand services!