First Look at Halloween Horror Nights’ Slaughter Sinema

Halloween Horror Nights

Earlier we took a look at the detailed Stranger Things maze, but today we’ve got the first pictures of a new original haunted house that will make its debut next week at Halloween Horror Nights: Slaughter Sinema. Showing love to the B-movie flicks of the decadent 1980s, this maze will allow attendees to venture through a decapitated drive-in and “jump through the screens of original storylines filled with monsters and nightmares inspired by 80s horror B-movies. They will come face-to-face with terrifying creatures with razor-sharp teeth in Midnight Snacks 2: The House Swarming; deadly werewolf bikers in Devil Dogs; a lethal barber in Barber Chop and more.”

Get your tickets for Halloween Horror Nights here. The festivities kick off in Orlando and Hollywood on September 14th and run through November 3rd!


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