THIS IS PROGRESS: Pansexual Sensation Jack Sexsmith

Jack Sexsmith

PROGRESS Pro Wrestling rolled through town at LA Boom in Queens NY with an earth-shaking event. FanBolt sent their senior wrestling correspondent Brendan Sokler to cover the chaos of the best British Pro Wrestling ON THE PLANET.

When most people think of pansexual, they believe… Well, many don’t know what to think… some think Deadpool… Some are just unaware. For me, I now think of Pansexual Sensation Jack Sexsmith. We caught up with Jack Sexsmith and spoke to him about a whole slew of topics pre his SENSATIONAL tag team match with his boo bear David Starr. Jack covers his journey to pro wrestling, its evolution to embracing non-heteronormative characters as heroes, his embracing his sexuality, and the ever-elusive subject of… What’s the dang difference between British wrestling and American Wrestling.


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