Chris Evans Is Narrating ‘Superpower Dogs’ and We’ve Fallen Even More In Love With Him

Chris Evans Superpower Dogs

There seem to be a few universal truths about Chris Evans, both for fans who absolutely adore him and for those who are more ‘casual’ when it comes to the hero. First – much of his persona is like that of Steve Rogers, Marvel Studios’ Captain America. This is so true that he’s seen as a hero both on screen and off. Second – he’s captivating to watch, in any role he’s ever taken on.

There’s Frank Adler – the uncle who wants what’s best for his niece in Gifted. There’s Nick Vaughan – a dreamy glimpse into what love could have been in Before We Go. There’s even his portrayal of Mike Weiss – an attorney with a bit of a troubled life in Puncture. Evans brings everything he’s got and then some to the characters he takes on.

A fan favorite role for Evans is Steve Rogers, and as we said before, that heroic nature that comes so effortlessly to him, so it comes as no surprise that his latest role has something to do with superheroes – this time, they’re just of a different…breed.

That’s right, when moviegoers pile into theaters on March 15th to watch Superpower Dogs, they’ll hear a familiar voice telling the story of these amazing dogs.

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Evans said this of his recent narrator role.

“I love the way this film highlights incredible working dogs who utilize their real-life superpowers to help and protect people.”

Fans of Evans know that his love for dogs is very real, especially when it comes to his own four-legged pal, Dodger. He frequently posts photos and videos of Dodger, who is truly just living his best life.

In a tweet just hours ago, Evans shared his excitement for Superpower Dogs and his love of dogs in general.

We aren’t sure what we did to deserve dogs, and we aren’t really sure what we did to deserve Chris Evans either, but we aren’t complaining. What better way to enjoy a film celebrating mans’ best friend than by having it narrated by a man we’d all like to be best friends with?

You can see the IMAX experience on March 15th, and you can watch the trailer below to get as excited about the film as the rest of us are.

Oh, and if you find yourself tearing up at the prospect of the film? You aren’t the only ones. We didn’t make it through the trailer without shedding a few happy tears.


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