Jeremy Renner’s Avengers Instagram Post Will Warm Your Heart

Jeremy Renner Avengers

It’s a well-known fact that Marvel fans are sitting in a pretty emotional place right now. The truth is, being a fan of the MCU is always an emotional experience. But this one is kind of the – no pun intended – endgame.

The heroes we love have to risk their lives on each mission – or movie – we see. There are losses, not always permanent, but they sting nonetheless. There are storylines that make your heart ache and there are stories that are equally as inspiring. And there are laughs and amazing moments where you can see the friendship that these actors have formed over the last 10 years.

Those moments exist off-screen too, in social media posts and at events that they attend with and for each other.

One of those moments happened recently, and it really struck a chord with us.

Jeremy Renner posted an image to social media as a warning to Thanos, and it showcased the original 6 Avengers.

Iron Man, Hawkeye, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, and Black Widow have been the backbone of the MCU for years. We’ve followed their stories, learned about what makes them who they are, and we’ve laughed and cried with them.

Jeremy Renner’s Instagram Post

It’s like being part of a family, and it’s going to sting when we lose some of these heroes – in whatever capacity that happens.

So we’re lucky to have these moments shared with us, and they’ll hopefully be the moments that carry us through this next month, and the ones after it – once we’re forced to adjust to our new normal.

Over the course of the next month, we’re going to share some of our favorite Avengers moments with all of you. We’ll highlight our favorite heroes, parts of their stories that have resonated with us, and we’ll focus on what’s to come – after the dust from the Endgame truly settles.

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th.


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