‘Star Wars’ Trilogy Coming To Blu-Ray

George Lucas announced at the Main Event of ‘Star Wars Celebration V’ that all six ‘Star Wars’ films are coming to Blu-Ray.

“I wish I could say it’s coming out this year, but it’s coming out next year,” Lucas said. He also spoke about what we will see on the releases stating, “They’ll be different kinds of additional material. I think you’ve seen enough behind the scenes [material] for a lifetime. There’s some really good material that will be included in there, [including] more deleted scenes that you haven’t seen yet.”

Mark Hamill then made a surprise appearance to introduce a deleted scene from Return of the Jedi. He said it was a short scene, but one for the ultra-passionate fans. Carrie Fisher also joined the duo on stage and cracked a joke with Lucas.

“Did you put the nude scenes back in?” she asked. She then turned to the audience and said, “There was a huge me and Jabba porn scene. That’s what got me into drugs.”

The release is set for Fall 2011 and will include “documentaries, vintage behind-the-scenes moments, interviews, retrospectives and never-before-seen footage from the Lucasfilm archives,” according to a press release.


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