Steve Guttenberg Talks ‘Police Academy’

Growing up in the ’80s, there is one friendly face that I’d always associate with some of the best comedies to come out of that decade: Steve Guttenberg. From Police Academy to Three Men and a Baby, Mr. Guttenberg permanently cemented himself in the subconscious of moviegoers. When I think of the best times I’ve had with my friends watching films, a film starring this man is always involved. His portrayal as Carey Mahoney even pushed me towards pursuing a career in law enforcement. Then I learned that they had a weight limit … and my dream died.

Regardless of my own police academy failure, I did manage to talk to the man who inspired me with the help of the utmost authority on this icon’s work. Today I teamed up with Brad Jones (The Cinema Snob) and tracked down Guttenberg. We got him on the phone and the following interview unfolded before my ears:



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