Top 5 Stephen King TV Adaptations with the Walker Bros. and Brad Jones

What better way to spend your quarantine than by binging endless hours of entertainment based on Stephen King’s works. From Salem’s Lot to 11/22/63, the adaptation’s of King’s works have had their ups, downs, and unintentionally hilarious moments on television. Some have gone on to be staples in pop culture, while others have fallen by the wayside for one reason or another.

To tackle the task of narrowing down the Top 5 TV versions of King’s bibliography, I reached out to some people who’ve spent their fair share of time with these things. We tapped Brad and Doug Walker from Channel Awesome and Stoned Gremlin Productions‘ Brad Jones. These guys are no strangers to the oddities that were brought forth when directors tried making physical manifestations of the legendary author’s disturbing fiction. Which will make the list? The Shining? The Stand? That version of IT no one ever talks about? Find out in our podcast below!


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