8 Awesome Reasons to Become an Anime Geek Right Now!


You have never quite understood the appeal of anime until you started doing your research recently. It was always a strange, untouchable concept that you didn’t have the guts to embrace right off the bat. It’s no wonder that people find these wild and whacky Japenee cartoons so intriguing, because they have so much to offer their fans. It’s a light relief from the day to day struggles of work and family life. Tapping into your inner kid can be surprisingly satisfying, so why not hop onto the anime bandwagon? This genre is popular all over the world for a valid reason; it’s fun, meaningful and light hearted. Hopefully the following eight reasons will give you some much needed encouragement to embrace this ever growing trend and become an anime geek right now!

Meet Fellow Anime Lovers

The anime community are some of the friendliest and warming people you will ever meet. They embrace newcomers with open arms and are always ready to give you the best hints and tips about latest releases. One reason to become a fully fledged anime geek is so that you can attend one of the conventions hosted by Ryan Kopf. It is a chance to get together with other like minded people, form meaningful friendships and decide on cosplays. Once the event has been and gone you will be able to connect and talk to your new anime buddies. So what are you waiting for? Choose your favourite character and use this as your chance to be somebody new for a weekend. Enjoy a local anime convention and you will never look back,

Relate to the Stories and Scenarios

You might not expect this, but anime is probably one of the most relatable genres on the market. It might seem a little far fetched at a glance, but the characters face a lot of the same issues that you and your friends do every single day. Even though anime is completely fictional, some of the deeper stories can really hit home and relate to your life. Are you looking for a story with a good moral at the end of it? Anime will almost always deliver! The combination of entertainment, humour and real life scenarios make anime more appealing than ever. Obviously, most people don’t indulge in anime to reflect on their life choices, but it’s refreshing to see that many story lines do take quite a realistic approach.

Embrace The Uniqueness of Anime

Forget your standard girl next door or hunky hero; the characters in anime are more unique than any other genre. The characters are so interesting that you could never get bored of their storylines. Similarly, as it’s an animated genre the possibilities are limitless. The creators don’t have to stick to the same old structures for heroes and villains. Anime will always provide you with unique and pleasing surprises!

There is No Age Limit to Anime

If you’ve got kids, siblings, nieces or nephews, they can get involved with anime as much as you can! Anime is suitable for people of all ages, so you don’t need to feel ashamed about being a grown up who is watching cartoons. It’s a mutual hobby that you can enjoy with the people you love, no matter how old they are. Just be aware that some of the advanced themes might actually not be suitable for kids of certain ages so make sure you double check the rating before letting your child watch with you.

Cheer Yourself Up After a Terrible Day

Whether your boss shouted at you at work or your girlfriend broke up with you, everyone has a bad day that they need to recover from now and again. Anime is the perfect way to cure your blues and give you some lighthearted relief from your life problems. It can lift your spirits in an instant and take you back to being a child. Children don’t have anything to worry about at all, so give yourself the chance to feel the same for a short while!

You Will Learn A Lot!

If you want to learn a little bit about Japanese culture then anime is definitely the right genre for you. The alluring and appealing messages they send out give you a great insight into the myths and legends of the country. Similarly, you will also be pleasantly surprised with the way women are portrayed in these Japenese cartoons. You won’t find many helpless wenches who need saving from a burning building; the women in anime are powerful, inspiring and independent. They will almost always come out on top when faced in a battle with a male anime character!

Embrace the Awesome Action and Amazing Music

There is nothing worse than suffering through a television series or film that has terrible action scenes and music. With anime you will never be disappointed and some of the music themes will definitely stick in your head for hours on end! Even though they are cartoons on your screen, the characters of anime can get involved in some pretty impression action scenes too that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

It’s Easy to Dip in and Out of Anime

If you don’t become a die hard anime fan right off the bat, then panic not! Anime is ideal for both hardcore and flexible fans. You don’t have to worship anime to get the most out of it; you can easily dip in and out of a series and never lose track of the story. You might love to binge on anime after a long and taxing week at work or you may prefer catching up with your favourite series everyday. The beauty of anime is that you can do whatever you want with it. Take it as seriously as you like, or use it as a form of light entertainment.

You don’t have to become a hardcore anime geek overnight, just try out some of the awesome things it has to offer. Head to a local convention, start up a conversation online or purchase a new DVD. There are so many fun and satisfying ways to get involved in the world of anime, so join the club now!


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