How to Reclaim Your Digital Space Before Digital Nomading

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For some people, there’s nothing better than the digital nomad lifestyle. It combines two appealing aspects of modern life: traveling and technology. Indeed, many of the people who embark on this style of living are employed in the tech industry; there are a lot of software developers living it up in Thailand, for instance. While there are plenty of things you’ll need to do before setting off on your journey (such as finding a well-paying job and arranging any visas), one overlooked task is to rethink how you’re using your tech, and getting rid of anything you don’t need. You’ll need technology to make a living, but by getting rid of the surplus aspects, you can also focus on enjoying the travel side of things.

Curate Your Favorite Websites

Let’s end the mindless browsing when we’re moving around! If you’re one of those people who opens up the web browser, visits the same four or five websites on loop, yet doesn’t really engage with the content, then it’s time to rethink your web usage. Large sites have the resources (and manipulative know-how) to ensure you keep on visiting, but they may not be the websites that are right for you. Branch out, and make the web more interesting. There are some sites, such as Mix (formerly StumbleUpon) that’ll nudge you towards the good stuff.

Get Rid Of What’s Not Needed

One of the reasons why technology and the internet can be so time-consuming is because there’s simply too much going on. We can’t make any sense of things; our minds are overloaded. Before traveling, you’ll want to take a look at simplifying your digital life. It’ll mean more time to take in the sights, less time dealing with the annoying and cluttered side of the web. You can look up how to delete a Gmail account, and stick to just one email account. Or you could delete your Facebook or other social media sites, which are usually fun for a little while, but can become a little dull after a while.

Stop Wasting Time

It’s always a good idea to keep in mind just how advanced tech companies are. Your time traveling should be spent engaging with local life, not trapped in a website. A site might look innocent enough, but they’ve actually put a lot of hard work into making sure you stay on the website for as long as possible. Things such as autoplay videos and endless scrolling aren’t there because they elevate the user experience; it’s because they keep you on a website. If you’re aware of them, you’ll find it easier to break free when you can feel their claws keeping you on the site.

Take A Break

You’ll need a laptop and the internet in general to get your work done, but do you need to be online all the time? We don’t think so. Humans lived for hundreds of thousands of years just fine without a smartphone. To make things more interesting, look at taking a break while you travel. A larger percentage of people than you might think are addicted to technology and the internet, and they can’t break away, even when exploring new destinations.


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