Katie Cassidy, Juliana Harkavy, and Rick Gonzalez Tease Final Season of ‘Arrow’

Arrow Cast

FanBolt had the chance to sit down to chat with Arrow cast Katie Cassidy, Juliana Harkavy, and Rick Gonzalez about what’s coming up for the Canaries and Wild Dog in the final season! The common thread throughout is that we’ll be seeing Team Arrow in ways we’ve never seen them before, especially in the season eight premiere.

Check out what Gonzalez had to say about the upcoming episodes below!

Juliana Harkavy had similar thoughts about the new season, adding that “each episode is like it’s own little movie.”

One of those little movies is going to be directed by Black Siren herself, Katie Cassidy. On top of her excitement about not just new hair, but a new costume, she added that we’ll finally be seeing the Green Arrow and Black Canary team-up “comic book style!” As cagey as everyone has been about what’s coming up, we’re excited to see just what that means.

Don’t miss the Arrow season eight premiere on October 15th on The CW!


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