‘Hustlers’ Giveaway: Win a Copy of ‘Hustlers’ on Blu-Ray/DVD!

Hustlers Giveaway

We’ve got a new giveaway! We have copies of Hustlers on Blu-Ray/DVD that are up for grabs!

If you haven’t seen Hustlers (Rated R) yet, here’s what you need to know. The movie appears on a number of Top 10 lists for 2019. And Jennifer Lopez is favored to get a nomination for Best Actress for this role. The film followers Destiny (Wu) a young stripper struggling to make ends meet. That is, until she meets Ramona (Lopez), the club’s savvy top earner, who shows her the way toward making big bucks. But when the 2008 economic collapse hits their Wall Street clientele hard, Destiny and Ramona concoct a plan with their fellow strippers to turn the tables on these greedy power players.

It’s a wild, modern-day Robin Hood-esque tale and it’s available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital on Tuesday, December 10! Intrigued? Check out the trailer below.

Win a Copy of Hustlers on Blu-Ray/DVD!

Want to win (1) of 5 Hustlers on Blu-Ray/DVD that we’re giving away? Here’s all you have to do:

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Good luck!!

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  1. I loved “Hustlers” because it’s not just this fun girls-sticking-it-to-the-patriarchy caper but a smart examination of where the country was when it came to the financial crisis 11 years ago and where we are now when it comes to what women are facing. It’s fun, sexy and has brains!

  2. Saw it for Constance Wu, but Jennifer Lopez stole every scene (particularly that* one). The cast had great chemistry and it was surprisingly hilarious.

  3. I saw this film twice in theaters and I LOVED IT! It was such a good, gritty role for Jennifer Lopez to take on. Probably her best performance since “Enough”. I’ve always loved J.Lo, I grew up watching “Selena”, and I’m so proud of all she’s accomplished. Fingers crossed that she receives her first Oscar nomination for this one! Thank you for the opportunity!

  4. I wanted to see this movie when it was in theaters, but just never made it. I want to see it because of the actresses in the movie. I really like Jennifer Lopez and it has been awhile since I have seen a movie with her in it.