Mark Wahlberg May Be ‘The Crow’

Stephen Norrington’s reboot of The Crow may have its lead actor. Mark Wahlberg has been offered the lead in the film, which is a remake of the 1994 movie starring Brandon Lee. Wahlberg has yet to accept or decline the role.

Musician/screenwriter Nick Cave (The Proposition) worked on a rewrite of Norrington’s script recently, with Norrington still attached to direct.

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  1. I heard Ethan Peck is rumoured to be play Eric Draven in the remake, but it’s only a rumour. There’s also David Astone who has been rumoured for the same part too. I’d love if Ethan Peck got the role though.

  2. Norrington has walked! :0 News just broke – please, please let them accept a good director, not some last minute d lister!

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