‘True Blood’ Star Getting Ready For Charles Manson Bio-Pic

Ryan Kwanten is moving from True Blood to bloodthirsty.

The often shirtless actor is gearing up to play notorious killer Charles Manson in an upcoming film called The Family, he said at the press day for his new film, Red Hill, a nouveau spaghetti western set in the Australian high country.

Kwanten said the new role is part of the next phase in his career, one that allows him a bit more creative control over some of his future projects. In addition to playing the Helter Skelter psycho, Kwanten’s upcoming projects include next year’s satirical self-help book The G Strategy and a handful of acting jobs and upcoming hyphenate turns as actor-producer of the Australian film, The Twenty-Something Survival Guide.

Though still in the early stages of development, Ryan also told us Brad Anderson, who previously directed one of Christian Bale’s finest performances in the brilliantly chilling 2004 film The Machinist, is attached to the film which would delve into Manson and the murders his followers committed.

What’s truly unsettling to us is how appealing that sounds.

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