‘The Falcon and The Winter Solider’ Set Photos Show ‘Cap Is Back’

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

You guys ready for some The Falcon and The Winter Soldier news?

If you ask Marvel fans about a crushing moment in Avengers: Endgame, many will include a specific one. It was bittersweet. More bitter than sweet for most of us, but bittersweet nonetheless. We’re talking about the moment where Steve handed the Captain America shield off to Sam Wilson.

It’s not that Sam doesn’t deserve to take on the shield, but we were still looking forward to seeing him embrace his role as Falcon. We wanted to see more of what made him, him… before that moment came. That being said, we know a look into his past could still happen, but we’re just sort of thinking out loud here.

So when we heard of future projects for Sam, we assumed we’d be seeing him taking on the role of Captain America. However, a social media post made a few days ago changed that perspective for us.


The post shows Wyatt Russell’s US Agent as Captain America. There were some photos that surfaced earlier in the year that had fans very vocal on social media about the character holding the beloved shield. He’s not exactly a fan favorite, and he’s definitely not Sam Wilson. So what gives?

Well, it’ll probably be a little while before we’re filled in on what’s really going on. The Instagram post said that the posters ‘aren’t spoilers’ so maybe it’s just an attempt to throw fans off. It wouldn’t be the first time this tactic was used to keep fans (and actors/actresses themselves) from knowing what to expect.

What we do know is, if Sam isn’t talking on the role of Captain America when we see him (and our beloved, Bucky) return to our screens later this year…we’re going to need a big explanation.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is set to hit Disney + later this year.


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