5 Must-Watch Horror Films for Friday the 13th!

It sort of feels like the majority of 2020 so far has been one giant Friday the 13th so far, but today… it’s official. The unlucky day we often look at with a tinge of horror. At least, some of us. Others embrace the day, wearing our favorite horror movie clothes, planning movie binge parties with our friends, and even serving themed drinks and snacks.

If you’re one of the latter, like we are, we compiled 5 movies you could totally watch with your friends tonight. To, you know, celebrate the unlucky.

Must-Watch Horror Films for Friday the 13th

Final Destination

The whole premise of this movie is not being able to stop fate, except…not with the romantic notion that sentiment usually holds. Nope, this is about being unable to avoid death – horrible, scary, and tragic death. Even if death skips you, and you think you’ve found a way to cheat it, it comes back for you. One way or another.


When we recently saw the trailer for the upcoming release of Candyman, we had to go back and watch the original. It was totally worth it, we’d forgotten how incredibly gripping the film is. You don’t want to mess with the ‘urban legend’ of the Candyman, and when all of those ‘scary tales’ seem to be happening, you realize it might not be a legend after all.


This isn’t a movie we expected to be so freaked out by, but we were. That bathroom scene really got to us. Maybe it was the creepy child laughter, maybe it was the fact that the race against time was on, but it is scary! The app that predicts your death is all too real for a couple of young adults who have an incredibly short timeline….so will they be able to stop it?


For many reasons, this is one of our favorite scary movies of all time. Skeet Ulrich is perfection, the entire cast is – really, and the plot is one you can watch again and again without getting tired of it. At least, we can. When the anniversary of Sidney’s mom’s death approaches, things begin to get weird. Are the losses mirroring her mom’s death just a weird series of events? Or is there a target on her back she doesn’t realize exists?

Friday the 13th

Well, we had to include this one. Not only is it amazing, but it’s also the namesake of today! Friday the 13th! You can’t escape today without thinking of Camp Crystal Lake and all who met their untimely fate there. What happens when camp counselors pay more attention to their desires than their kids? Well…a lot of violent deaths happen. Just not in the way you might expect, and not exactly at the hands of who you’d expect, either.

What movies are you watching today? What are your favorite horror films for Friday the 13th? Are you embracing the scary traditions or avoiding them this time around? Let us know!

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