Ryan Reynolds Made Sure to Keep That Golden Girls Reference Well Hidden Before Deadpool’s Premiere


If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent part of your time during the Covid-19 quarantine rewatching your favorite episodes of Golden Girls. What that really means is… you’ve been watching all of the episodes of Golden Girls. Because the series is a total hit.

It’s also become a staple of pop culture. From Tiki Cups to t-shirts and blankets, fans can’t get enough of their favorite Golden Girls. There’s also a Golden Girl for everyone, a persona… if you will. You’re a Blanche or a Rose, a Dorothy or a Sophia. There are quizzes online that’ll tell you, but we figured it out for ourselves long ago. Everyone has a favorite Golden Girl, one we can relate to.

So it came as no surprise when we first saw Deadpool and caught a Golden Girls reference. In the film, Deadpool dons a Bea Arthur shirt, paying homage to the ever snarky Dorothy Zbornak.

Comicbook.com recently had a Twitter watch party of Deadpool with the creator Rob Liefeld, and he spoke about Reynolds’ great desire to make sure no one saw the reference to Golden Girls in the film. There was one moment he spoke about specifically.

“When I was on the set during this sequence, they were very careful. Ryan did not want anyone to see the Bea Arthur on his shirt. He wanted the Golden Girls, all those references obscured, like I took some photos with him and he’s like ‘just make sure that the Golden Girls cannot be seen. Again they did a lot of, they were very careful in how they presented this in the way that they hid that people would go crazy over and obviously the Golden Girls is just one of them.”

The photo, Liefeld said, had to be cropped when he originally shared it on social media in 2015.

We think the lengths Reynolds was willing to go to hide the pop culture references in the film are incredible. Reynolds has dedicated much of himself to the role and watching each film for the first, or fifteenth time, always gives us something to look forward to.



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