A Look at the First Episodes of Apple TV’s ‘Defending Jacob’!

When we first saw the trailer for Apple TV’s Defending Jacob, we were intrigued. Not only were we thrilled to see Chris Evans take on a new project, but the premise also follows something we love. It’s a story about a family… it’s a drama, and there’s a crime element to it. The question is posed: how far is too far when it comes to those you love?

The answer is simple – you go to the ends of the earth for them. That means different things for different people, and that can cause cracks in the foundation. Those cracks are the last thing a family needs when one of them is the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

Andy Barber (Chris Evans), Laurie Barber (Michelle Dockery), and Jacob Barber (Jaeden Martell) should be the family that has it all. So it’s hard seeing them start to fall apart. However, by the end of the third episode… those cracks we mentioned start to become more evident. There have been secrets, feelings not previously explored, and a son who doesn’t share much with his family.

When Jacob is accused of murdering his classmate, his parents stand accused alongside him. It’s not just a child who is judged by a community, it’s a family. Their garage is subject to graffiti, Andy is taken off of the murder investigation, and Laurie is given an extended amount of (forced) leave from her career, too.

Their friends start to look at them differently, they’re met with whispers and stares in public, and they realize their support system is dwindling. These things, and more, start to have a major impact on the family.

With only three episodes currently available, we’ll have to wait to find out just what that impact means. However, we anticipate it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

The first 3 episodes of Defending Jacob are available on Apple TV now. Have you checked out the series? Let us know your thoughts!


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