Author: Mark

Parks and Recreation Episode 3.04 Review

It seems like things are moving swimmingly for our Pawnee state employees this week. Wait, what’s that? Ron’s lady friend, she of the ex Mrs.-Haverford club, is moving back to Canada? Well shucks.

Parks and Recreation Episode 3.03 Review

Have you ever wanted something so badly you wanted to fight for your beliefs? Maybe you just like your cat. Or maybe you really, really, REALLY like Twilight.

Fringe Episode 3.11 Recap and Review

As fears about time slot doomsday subside, they are transfered to an episode all about the increasing doomsday scenario threatened by Walternate’s Peter-powered monstrosity.

Parks and Recreation Episode 3.02 Review

Is it weird that Parks and Recreation offers up an episode on the flu season a few days after I recover from being sick myself? Just in time for the depths of winter, it seems Pawnee has been struck with a bad strain of the flu.

Fringe Episode 3.10 Recap and Review

Our first episode back after a more than month-long break, I was expecting some crazy stuff to go down because of the Observer’s return, but The Firefly was incredibly character-based, to the show’s credit.

Parks and Recreation Episode 3.01 Review

As the world’s newest Parks and Recreation devotee (I streamed the entirety of the critically-acclaimed second season on Netflix in just under a week), I rather easily decided that this show would be my second recap show.

Interview: Piers Morgan and Howie Mandel of ‘America’s Got Talent’

Fanbolt had a chance to speak with two of the judges of America’s Got Talent this week, Piers Morgan and Howie Mandel, in advance of the Top 10 Performance. The pair talked about expectations for the final performances, who they believe is the dark horse this season, and looked back at their favorite moments of the season, as well as shared their insight into some of the final acts.

Interview: Curt Smith from ‘Psych’

We recently got to talk to Curt Smith from the band Tears for Fears, who discussed his guest role on this week’s episode of Psych, “Shawn 2.0”.

Interview: Michael Emerson From ‘Lost’

Curious to see what Lost’s Michael Emerson has to say about his character’s ending, his favorite moments from his time on the show, and garden gnomes? Read on.