Concert Review: ‘The Scorpions’ Sting With Heavy Metal Onslaught

The Get Stung and Black Out Tour made its way through the Sleep Train Pavilion in Concord. While no one actually blacked out in my vicinity that may not have been the case in other parts of the venue. The Scorpions rowdy fans didn’t stop partying all night. It seems the rock band from the eighties still has an extremely strong following. The near capacity crowd made noise that could be heard from miles away.

The night consisted of rock star posing, rock star guitar solos and rock star personalities. It was kicked off in the best way it possibly cold have been with Cinderella owning the stage. Although many of the fans were still in the mile long beer line, some did stay and actually watch the band which basically has the same sound as the head liner. Performances of “Don’t Know What You Got (‘Til It’s Gone),” and “Shake Me,” were both very strong. Lead singer Tom Keifer knows how to work a stage and although Cinderella is no longer a hair band or considered glam rock, they bring an attitude to the stage that only a band that experienced the height of their career in the eighties can.

The Scorpions hit the stage and bombarded the audience with a style of heavy metal all their own. As smoke poured onto the stage, lead singer Klaus Maine appeared and the chaos began. Pipes were lit, alcohol was poured and the Scorpions were set to rock the crowd. Like a hurricane I suppose.

There’s no arguing that the Scorpions can put on a performance. Complete with a show stealing drum solo by James Kottak the band was sure to give the fans their money’s worth. Concerts are for entertainment. Maybe Kings of Leon need to catch a Scorpions show and take some notes. Although the music still sounds great, the band members are more interested in making the audience get on their feet than hitting every note. Guitarist Rudolf Schenker didn’t stop moving throughout the entire 90 minute performance. His passion and obvious love of what he does translated into the audience as fans stood on their chairs when Schenker took center stage and wailed on lead guitar.

The show closed with the obvious choice of “Rock You Like A Hurricane,” and with that the legendary heavy metal group cleared the stage. If the Scorpions bring their spectacular show anywhere close by, do yourself a favor, get stung.


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