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Home TV Paquin: ‘True Blood’ And ‘Twilight’ Are Not The Same
Paquin: ‘True Blood’ And ‘Twilight’ Are Not The Same

Paquin: ‘True Blood’ And ‘Twilight’ Are Not The Same


Sure, Twilight and True Blood are vampire stories that include romance, violence and the constant struggle between good and evil.

Even so, they’re very different.

“They’re completely different age groups that they’re trying to appeal to,” says Oscar winner Anna Paquin, who stars in HBO’s True Blood as mind-reading Sookie Stackhouse. “It wouldn’t be appropriate for teenagers to be watching our show. I wouldn’t have been allowed to.”

All ya gotta do is check out the sex scenes Paquin, 26, has with Stephen Moyer, 39, her real-life boyfriend who play’s Sookie’s vampire beau, Bill Compton…

Paquin, who won a Golden Globe for her work as Sookie, promises we’ll be seeing even more this time around.

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  1. I’m on the last episode of true blood and it is all I can do to finish it! It does not compare to Twilight!

  2. I’ve never seen or read Twilight and I’ve never seen True Blood, but I am more interested in the latter.

    Every vampire movie/series/book is going to be compared to every other vampire movie/series/book right now, and there’s a ton of them.

  3. I prefer True Blood, but I am old. I wouldn’t let my daughter watch it! (By the way, I didn’t know that Sookie and Bill were dating off screen – that is interesting.)


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