Exploring KBB.com’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island!

Kelley Blue Book Animal Crossing

This post is sponsored by Kelley Blue Book®; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Calling all my fellow ACHN gamers! Kelley Blue Book has launched KBB.com HQ in our favorite game! In celebration of the 2021 Best Buy Awards, you can visit their island for a one-of-a-kind brand experience! You can explore the island, make a trash or fishing deposit at a designated location (do this and KBB.com will donate up to $10,000 to American Rivers!), and so much more… Let’s break down the island activities!

Kelley Blue Book Animal Crossing

Island Activities

So what can you do on the island? Well, for starters there’s a ton to explore! The island is packed to the brim with unique environments to explore. You can explore the highways, get a selfie with the Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Award trophy, visit the island shop for some cute merch and swag… and I’m saving the best for last…

Kelley Blue Book Animal Crossing

You can fish on the island and deposit your catch (whether it’s fish or trash), and KBB.com will donate funds for river preservation to American Rivers. How cool is that? You can actually play a part in helping clean up American Rivers – just by playing Animal Crossing! And, before you head to the island, if you have a lot of trash on your own island (I don’t even know how many cans I’ve fished out of my own river…), you can bring them and drop them off on the island to further donations!

Kelley Blue Book Animal Crossing

The Backstory

So what is the story behind the Kelley Blue Book island? For over 90 years, KBB.com has provided education and tools to not only empower consumers to find their perfect car but also help them buy with confidence. Every year, KBB.com editors select their picks for the Best Buy Awards. They evaluate hundreds of new models in search of vehicles that really go above and beyond with quality, comfort, driving dynamics, dependability, low ongoing costs, and affordability.

To celebrate the 2021 Best Buy Awards, which are being announced today, December 8th, KBB.com has created this island, the KBB.com HQ, on Animal Crossings: New Horizons!

Kelley Blue Book Animal Crossing

How to Visit KBB.com HQ Island

Enough chatting, you’re probably ready to visit the island!

Starting today through next Thursday, December 17, from 3 pm ET to 12 am ET, you can visit the island via Dodo code and you can also visit the island via Dream Code for unlimited 24/7, but like any island you visit in a dream, you can’t take anything from the island and it does not provide access to donations.

Dodo Code: Email [email protected] to request a code!
Dream Code: DA-2488-5249-3892

Pro Tip: Not only can you fish and shop but you can also shake some trees! If you’re missing a fruit in your collection of fruit trees, this island has all of them! I may or may not have grabbed some apples for my island… it was the only fruit I was missing!

I wish more brands did partnerships like this. This is such a unique way for a brand to create an experience and truly meet people where they spend their time. Be sure to check out the island – and leave a comment below to let me know your favorite part!


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