Meet Julia from ACNH: Our Favorite Animal Crossing Gossiping Ostrich

Julia ACNH

No video game has more endearing (and sassy) characters than Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). The colorful ostrich named Julia from ACNH takes the cake when it comes to ranking the snooty villagers on your island.

She’s got style, know-how, and sass for days. If you want to talk about the latest fashion trends (or about other villagers behind their backs), you’ll get along with Julia.

Here’s everything you need to know about Julia from ACNH.

Julia’s ACNH Appearance

While at first glance, you might think that Julia from ACNH is a peacock, she’s actually a blue ostrich. She has the coloring of a proud peacock, but what’s interesting is that only male peacocks have the vibrant feathers that make peacocks famous. Some users say that maybe Julia is trans, considering that she uses she/her pronouns but has the coloring of male anatomy. ACNH of course has not confirmed this message, but it’s a fun fan theory.

She has large, beautiful eyes with black pupils, yellowy-orange irises, and two bright sparkles with three eyelashes on each eye.

She has a blue body and head with a yellow beak. The top half of her head and wings are green. Her feathers come in an array of blue, red, orange, and yellow, and each tail feather has a green outline. She has gray feet along with black stripes. In ACNH, she rocks a coral dress with a zig-zag print. Her favorite clothing is Elegant and Gorgeous, so if you want to make her day, give her clothing in this category. She’ll want to stay your friend forever.

Julia’s ACNH Personality

Julia from ACNH has a snooty personality, but you can’t help but love her in spite of the sass. She’ll dazzle you with her “dahling” catchphrase. It’s similar to Baabara’s catchphrase, which is “daahling,” which matches the double “a” spelling in her name.

When you first get to know her, she’ll talk with a rude, almost arrogant attitude. She likes to talk about herself but will engage with you if you have a mature conversation. This ostrich also likes to talk about other villagers’ appearances and fashion sense. And she doesn’t always have the nicest things to say! Over time, she’ll continue to open up to you and share even more opinions. She doesn’t really get along with other villagers, especially those with a jock personality or lazy attitudes. While she doesn’t jive with other animals that don’t fit her lifestyle, she will get along with other cranky or snooty villagers.

In ACNH, Julia’s hobby is education. She wears rimmed glasses, and you can find her reading outside. Her curiosity gets the best of her and she’ll use a magnifying glass to inspect different objects. If you want to celebrate her birthday, pull out the party hats on July 31st!

Julia ACHN House

Julia’s ACNH House

While Julia’s house changes with each game, she has a bathroom and bedroom in her home in ACNH. The bathroom has a spa theme, so she clearly prioritizes relaxation. Her bedroom has mostly the Rattan furniture series. It features a white bed, vanity, low table, stool, and end table.

Her bathroom features a shower, long bathtub, beach towel, and a Rattan towel basket to fit with her chosen theme. Her bathrobe and bathroom towel rack hang on the wall.

If she’s feeling crafty, she’ll use an oak ironwood DIY workbench.

Julia’s Animal Crossing History

Animal Crossing: New Horizons isn’t the first game that included Julia. She first appeared in the Animal Crossing series exclusively in Animal Forest e+. Animal Forest e+ is the English translation to Dōbutsu no Mori e+, a Japanese-exclusive update to the GameCube port. At the time Nintendo decided to port Animal Forest+ to that console, the American version, Animal Crossing, featured significantly more content. The Japanese sector of Nintendo loved the American translation of the game done by Nintendo of America’s Treehouse division. To capitalize on that success, they translated that version back into Japanese to re-release it. 

To get Julia on this game, you needed to scan her e-Card. Once you did that step, she would wash up on the shore as an islander, the same way Gulliver does. 

When New Leaf was released, she was included along with the Welcome amiibo update. Similar to the e-Card, if you scanned her amiibo card, she would show up on your island. However, this time she appeared as a visitor to the campground. You could then invite her to stay permanently. 

Julia Isn’t the Only ACNH Ostrich

The list of characters on Animal Crossing: New Horizons seemingly has no end. So it makes sense that Julia isn’t the only ostrich in town. 

If you want another snooty ostrich, you’ll want to connect with Blanche (maybe she belonged on Golden Girls?). Her catchphrase is “quite so.” As Julia gets along with other snooty villagers, we can imagine Blanch and Julia would be fast friends. She would also get along with Queenie, another snooty ostrich.

Cranston, on the other hand, has a characteristic that Julia cannot stand: laziness. His catchphrase is “sweatband,” and Julia also hates working out, so we can imagine they would certainly not get along. Same for Sprocket, who’s a jock.

Next, we have Flora, a peppy ostrich with the catchphrase “pinky.” Rio also has a peppy personality. You have Gladys and Sandy, with the “Normal” personality, which would be too dull to entertain Julia. Phil has a smug personality, while Phoebe takes on the Big Sister role.

So is Julia from ACNH the ostrich you would most likely want to start a friendship with? Who is your favorite ACNH villager overall? Let us know in the comments!


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