Exclusive: Han Soto Talks ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 3

Actor, producer, and film distributor Han Soto spent some time with us to discuss his ventures and the role he plays in the third season of the now-Netflix exclusive Cobra Kai. How’d he get the role in one of the most important flashbacks of the series? How has covid affected the entertainment business? What advice does he have for those wanting to get into the industry? Check out our exclusive interview below.

Mr. Soto also runs a distribution label that handles my specialty, indie films. Given the current situation, we’re all in, independent cinema has been a go-to as large studios have found themselves at the mercy of local and state governments. Check out Kamikaze Dog Fight’s official site for more info on what films they’re currently promoting.

This latest installment of the classic karate franchise sees the return of a number of familiar faces and gives us a deeper look into what made John Kreese (Martin Kove) one of the best villains of the 1980s. The third season of Cobra Kai is available to stream right now on Netflix. The series has been picked up for a fourth season.

Synopsis: With a new sensei at the helm of the Cobra Kai dojo, a three-way feud takes center stage. Old grudges — like Cobra Kai — never die.


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