DVD Review: Martian Child

John Cusack stars in this “inspiration and uplifting journey” (Cynthia Wickenhamp, Starz Entertainment) as a lonely science-fiction writer who adopts a boy who claims to be from Mars. With the help of his quirky friend (Amanda Peet) and his sister (Joan Cusack), this new father discovers that being a parent means anything is possible.

John Cusack and Bobby Coleman give endearing performances in one of the most heartfelt family films to come out of 2007. The story of David, a widower and sci-fi novelist who decides to adopt a child, and Dennis, the strange orphan who insists he’s from Mars, proves that family isn’t about blood but belonging. The filmmakers don’t save the audience from the awkwardness of adoption and the slow development of a relationship between father and son, which proves the rewards of endurance even more sweet.

The Special Features offers both a featurette called “Handle with Care: Working with the Martian Child” about the special circumstances surrounding working with a child actor and the extraordinary actor Bobby Coleman (Dennis) proved to be on set. Also is a feature, “The Real Martian Child”, a mini-documentary on the true tale of sci-fi novelist David Gerrold who adopted the real Dennis, the little boy who thought he was a Martian and now shows him all grown-up. The features are a great addition to the film, guaranteed to increase the warm-fuzzies.

Odd, funny and keenly insightful, Martian Child is one now one of my favorite movies.

Review by Marie Holzer

Grade: A
Official site: http://www.martianchild.com/
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