‘Riverdale’ Season 7 Will Go for A “Big Swing” According to Series Creator

Riverdale Season 7

Riverdale Season 6 is nearing its finale episodes, as the season finale is scheduled for Sunday, July 31st. But fans needn’t fear, Riverdale Season 7 is right around the corner!

The hit CW series will return in 2023 for what will be its finale season. And according to series creator, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Riverdale Season 7 is going for the “big swing”. 

“It came out of conversations with the studio and The CW and [network president] Mark Pedowitz,” Aguirre-Sacasa tells TVLine. “When we were renewed for Season 7, though we weren’t told at the time it’d be our final season, I think we were all feeling that it might be.”

“When Mark and I talked about it… it was bittersweet. That said, we are so proud of the run we’ve had, and the call did come as we were working on the last episode of Season 6,” Aguirre-Sacasa continues. “We were debating on what the final beats of that episode would be and torn between a very big swing and a quieter ending. And it definitely emboldened us to go for the big swing for Season 7. It’s really exciting.”

CW President Mark Pedowitz has previously said, “I am a big believer in attempting to give series that have had long runs and appropriate send off.”

So what will that mean for Riverdale Season 7?

“We had a long conversation with Roberto yesterday, who’s thrilled by this news,” Pedowitz says in an interview with Variety. “And we’re going to treat the show in the manner it deserves. It was an iconic pop culture star, and we want to make sure it goes out the right way and that is the decision.”

“I think they choose that seven years is the right amount, and we want to do the right thing. That’s a personal thing. As a fan myself, I do want to do what’s right for the show.” Pedowitz continues.

How Does the Cast Feel About Riverdale Ending?

Camila Mendes, who plays Veronica Lodge in the series, posted to Twitter, saying, “One more season to deliver the ending you all deserve. So much love for all the fans who were here since day one and never left. Wouldn’t have made it this far without you!!”

“I think just in a straight-up legal sense, contractually it started at seven seasons, which is a pretty standard contract for film and television, so I don’t know what happens after that,” Riverdale star Cole Sprouse said to Entertainment Tonight in late 2021. “But the world of Riverdale is open-ended enough to kind of flex alongside that.”

Riverdale fans can continue to catch Season 6 of the series every Sunday, with the finale airing on July 31 on The CW. Season 7 is set to premiere sometime in 2023. And we’ll keep you posted as more news is announced!

Can you believe Riverdale is coming to an end? What are you wishes for the final season? Sound off in our comment section below!

Photo Credit: Colin Bentley/The CW


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