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‘Teen Wolf’ Season Premiere Review: Omega

‘Teen Wolf’ Season Premiere Review: Omega


The time has finally come Teen Wolf fans! After waiting months for the season 2 premiere, it has finally arrived. The season finale left us with a lot of questions. Mostly surrounding Jackson (Colton Haynes) and Lydia’s (Holland Roden) fate on the show. Although this premiere was only part one, it still delivered all the aspects that we ultimately love about this show. If we can tell anything on how this season will proceed, I’m guessing it’s going to be intense, shocking, and steamy.

“No code, not anymore. From now on these things are just bodies waiting to be cut in half. Are you listening, because I don’t care if they’re wounded and weak… Or seemingly harmless, begging for their life with the promise that they will never, ever hurt anyone… Or some desperate, lost soul, no idea what they’re getting into. We find them. We kill them. We kill them all.” -Grandpa Argent (Michael Hogan)

To be completely honest, this episode had me a tad confused. It was fast paced, and trust me when I say, you needed to be attentive at all times. It starts off answering one of our cliffhangers. We see Jackson, oddly in a river, with a bite at his side. Why he was bit there of all places is besides the point. Next we see Scott (Tyler Posey) in total wolf mode, fading us into a memory of him having a not so pleasant encounter with Allison’s (Crystal Reed) dad. Skipping the teen sex/insanely intimidating mother, we see Lydia. Now, this is where I’m interested. In the season finale, Allison saw Lydia in a peculiar state. One second, she was bloody and shaking, the next she was fine. That’s one case of seeing things. Now, Lydia is seeing very, very disturbing things that aren’t as they seem. As she was taking a shower, revealing very gory cuts, we see Lydia start to freak out (over seeing infinite hair in the shower drain) before disappearing… Naked. Those three things are what I’m going to focus on, or else this review will honestly be all over the place. (More than it already is!)

1. The New Werewolves:

With new werewolves in the town, there are also new hunters. I’m curious to see where this goes. Derek (Tyle Hoechlin) is making more wolves, which means more people in his pack. As we saw in the final minutes of this episode, being an Omega, or a lone wolf, is not a wise choice. Derek is obviously aware that a war is about to take place, and he needs soldiers. We know that he has Scott, now he has Isaac (Daniel Sharman), and finally Jackson. Yet, it is revealed that Jackson’s body is rejecting the ‘bite,’ making his fate completely unpredictable. I think that Jackson will somehow overcome it, because Colton Haynes is way too good to lose as a series regular, that’s all I’m saying.

2. Scott and Allison’s Rocky Relationship:

Not much to say about this, but I feel it’s necessary to address, seeing as it’s probably going to be a huge theme this season. Hunter and werewolf do not mix. Seeing as Jeff Davis, the producer, is aiming for a sexier, darker feel this season, it’s evident that there will be a lot of sneaking around, and a lot of forbidden love. How long that will last? Unclear. But judging from Grandpa Argent’s intense monologue, if it’s up to him, it won’t last long at all. What I can tell from ‘Omega,’ is that Scott and Allison are in for a lot this season.

3. Lydia:

Does anyone even know what’s going on with Lydia anymore? I have no clue. I don’t even have any guesses. In my opinion, I doubt she’s turning into a werewolf. Possibly a hybrid of some sort? (Not vampire.) After having an unpleasant, hairy encounter in the shower, Lydia was off into the woods… Naked. The episode was mostly around searching for her, before the hunters found her. Though, she didn’t show up until the end, and oddly enough, she seemed fine. Whatever is happening to her, it only happens in flashes. I have a feeling that this is going to be Holland Roden’s season. I’m not exactly sure where her story will go, and how, but I’m extremely interested to see. Most shows never leave me utterly stumped, so congrats Teen Wolf, four for you.

Although, the premiere was all over the place, I still enjoyed it. It kept my interest, and left me guessing. I like the darker road it’s going down, but I hope this series doesn’t succomb to trying too hard to be ‘intense’ and ‘steamy.’ This was only part 1, and tonight is part 2! I’m definitely excited, and I can honestly say that I’m not entirely sure what to expect.



  • Did you enjoy the season premiere?
  • What is going on with Lydia?
  • Thoughts on the new characters? Isaac? Matt? Grandpa Argent?
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