‘Castle’ Episode 10 Review And Recap Episode: Significant Others


Happy 2013 Castle fans, and welcome back! Are you as excited as I am that Castle is back with some new episodes? I was getting very bored…

I think it is safe to say Castle is not bored in this episode though. He has a house full of drama. Alexis is sick, Martha is…well, Martha, and now Beckett has moved it! The move is only temporary, while her place is fumigated. So, that’s not too bad. But wait, what’s this? Another surprise guest? It’s Meredith, Castle’s ex and Alexis’s mom, come to nurse her “baby” back to health! And of course she wants to stay with Castle. And of course, like a dummy, he says “Yes”. Not your best move Rick!

In the meantime, we do have a murder to solve. It seems Michelle Twohey, a very exclusive divorce lawyer who only represents only women, has been murdered in her car with an ice pick to the neck. Since the women she represented were married to wealthy men, it would seem there is no shortage of suspects. And apparently not all of them are angry men. Her most recent client is a woman named Samantha Voss, and she is definitely not happy with the results of her divorce and blames Michelle.

Samantha’s blood is found on a button on the victim’s clothing, but Samantha tells Castle and Beckett that it got there when she and the victim argued earlier in the day. It seems Michelle didn’t give 100% to Samantha’s case. She claims to have been distracted by “personal problems” but since Samantha isn’t her BFF, she has no idea what the problems were. And frankly, she doesn’t care. She is rather busy destroying her ex husband’s very expensive belongings. Throughout the entire interview she is joyfully wreaking havoc on everything in sight. This turns into a really fun scene when her ex arrives and begins to retaliate. Finally, Beckett puts a stop to all the mayhem by threatening to arrest the next person who breaks something. And everybody goes to jail, which according to Samantha, is worth it. The woman is very vindictive and violent, but too straightforward and honest to be our killer.

While Castle and Beckett corralled Samantha and her ex, Esposito and Ryan paid a call to Rob and Jane Garrison. A note with “R. Garrison” was found at the crime scene, and we need to know what Michelle wanted with Rob. He says that she contacted him with an urgent job request. He is a forensic accountant, so it’s a safe bet she had some finances she wanted him to look at. But he doesn’t know whose. This looks like a dead end.

Did I forget to mention Michelle’s boyfriend? Castle and Beckett interviewed him early on, but he didn’t really have much to say. They had only been dating a month or so, and he last saw her over the weekend. It looks like another dead end, but looks can be deceiving. More on that in a minute…

Beckett is not happy with Castle agreeing to let Meredith stay at his place. Yes, she agreed, but he put her on the spot and she didn’t want to be the bad guy. Neither did he, and Meredith is really a master manipulator. She has this air of innocence about her, even while wandering around the house less than ½ dressed and adding nutmeg to Castle’s coffee. She is really pushing Beckett’s buttons. Castle tries to fix it by booking a room for himself and Beckett at a posh hotel. Wrong move, Rick. Beckett is not a fan of being kicked out, no matter how beautifully it’s presented. So then he offers to put Meredith and Alexis in the hotel, but Beckett won’t hear of it. She is not willing to be responsible for kicking Alexis out of her own home! It’s a no win situation for Rick (one Ryan and Espo are having a lot of fun with) that only gets worse when Meredith invites Beckett to dinner, alone. That can’t be good, right?

Back to the case! Remember the victim’s boyfriend? Turns out he is not who he claims to be. He is really a former military intelligence officer who was working for another lawyer who just happens to represent the husband of one of Michelle’s clients. His job was to get close to Michelle and keep tabs on her, not to kill her.

See, it seems this client of Michelle’s disappeared at sea while on a Caribbean boat trip she took with her husband to try to repair their marriage. According to the fake boyfriend, Michelle was getting close to figuring out what happened to her client. The unproved assumption is that her husband, Billy Piper, pushed her overboard. This gives Mr. Piper a great motive for murdering Michelle.

On the night that Piper’s wife, Leanne, disappeared satellite photos show 2 boats in the area. The second vessel belongs to Walter Voss, the now ex husband of the very violent Samantha. Coincidence? I think not. Could it be that this information is what distracted Michelle from Samantha’s case? Walter has no motive for murder, but he had recently made a phone call to a certain familiar forensic accountant. Why was he contacting Rob Garrison? And why did that interest Michelle?

Castle sees the truth first. It lies in a photograph of Mrs. Garrison, who bears a striking resemblance to Leanne Piper. It is Leanne, who faked her own death with the help of Walter Voss to escape and ruin her former husband. She was supposed to disappear, but she didn’t go far. She fell in love with Rob and decided to hide in plain sight. Only Michelle had found her out and was going to expose her. So Leanne/Jane killed her. Another case closed.

But how did Beckett’s dinner date with Meredith go? Apparently it went very well and the 2 come home fast friends. Beckett tells Castle she can see how hard it would be to say “no” to Meredith and lets him off the hook for allowing her to stay at the apartment.

Next thing we know, Alexis has “encouraged” her mom to go on their planned trip to Paris without her and Meredith is packed up and ready to go. While Castle gets her bags Meredith and Beckett say goodbye and Beckett asks why things didn’t work out with Meredith and Castle. Meredith tells her it was because Castle wouldn’t open up and share who he really is with her. He knew it all about her, she knew nothing about him. But he is older now and surely a different man. But is he? Beckett looks unsure.

I love the way this episode ended. Beckett is unsure and so am I. I suddenly realize that we don’t really “know” Castle. He never shares much about his life and is a master at turning the conversation away from subjects he doesn’t want to discuss. Why have I never noticed this before?? I am very interested to see how this new wrinkle in Castle and Beckett’s works out. Hopefully they can work through it and come out the other side stronger. I am really enjoying their relationship, so I hope they can keep it together!

I would love to hear from you, what do you think of this week’s Castle episode and the future of this romance?


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  1. Great way to start the new year! I loved the ending. Beckett finally asked the question I’ve had since learning of his past relationships. Meredith gave a very interesting answer. Think Beckett is going to do some investigating of her own now!