‘Being Human’ 3.01 Episode Recap And Review: It’s A Shame About Ray

Being Human is finally back!

If you’ll recall, at the end of last season, Josh and Nora were confronting Ray in the woods. Guns and imminent death were involved. Sally had discovered that she was the Ripper, then shredded herself in order to get to limbo to help those she’d shredded. Aidan watched Suren die at the hands of Mother, and was then buried alive (undead?) as punishment for going up against the vampire matriarch.

Fifteen months later, not much has changed for Sally or Aiden, but at least Josh and Nora have found some small bit of closure, for their storyline, if nothing else. Back in the woods, Nora shot Ray, then had Josh finish the job in the hope that it would free both of them from the werewolf curse. As it turns out, Nora was half right. Killing Ray made Josh human again, but Nora is still changing every full moon. Since then, they’ve been consulting every psychic in the Northeast, trying to figure out how to help Sally. They’re getting nowhere until they find the same psychic who tried to exorcise Sally back in the first season. She can’t help, but she knows a witch who can!

The witch sends Josh and Nora on the creepiest treasure hunt ever to collect both Sally’s actual body and Ray’s heart. The witch warns the pair that bringing Sally back won’t be what they expect. She’s not going to be a ghost anymore, but she’s not going to be human, either. Nora and Josh go through with the ritual, regardless of the consequences.

Meanwhile, in limbo, Sally has been rescuing Stevie and Nick over and over again, only to lose them when she can’t open the door to a manifestation of her house. She refuses to give up until finally, Josh and Nora’s ritual unlocks the door. She makes Nick and Stevie step through first, then follows them in, making her body back in the real world to take its first breath in years.

While all of this is going on, Aidan is on his own little adventure. He’s “rescued” from his coffin by a skeevy-looking guy who’s only after his blood. It seems that in Aidan’s absence, the vampires have been struck down by a plague. They’re convinced that Aidan’s untainted blood will cure them, and Aidan’s creepy new friend has every intention of selling that cure. The first vampire to buy the cure decides that he wants to take the lot, kills the creepy bloodsucker, and kidnaps Aidan. He can’t wait long enough to get Aidan back to his people though, and decides to drink what’s left of Aidan’s blood on the trip home. Turns out that Aidan isn’t the miracle cure he’s been reported to be, and the vampire turns to dust behind the wheel. What with being buried, kidnapped, and exsanguinated, Aidan doesn’t quite have the strength to take control of the car and ends up hurled through a windshield on the side of the road when the car hits a telephone pole. When the credits roll, he’s weak and lost, but refusing to die just yet. Go Team Aidan!

So Being Human left everyone in very bad, no good, terrible places at the end of last season. We’re kind of starting to see the trio find their ways out, but it’s pretty obvious that they’ve got a ways to go. Josh and Nora managed to get themselves out of physical danger the fastest, but they’re still dealing with what happened 15 months ago, to them and to Sally and Aidan.

I like that Sally’s version of limbo seemed to involve her being perpetually unable to save her friends. It wasn’t just the loneliness of watching others, like Stevie and Nick. It was a kind of active despair, her own version of the boulder of Sisyphus. Now she’s out of limbo, but back in a human(-ish) body. I can only wonder where her story is going to go this season. The punchline of Being Human has always been that a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf get an apartment together. Where is the show going to be if the ghost isn’t a ghost anymore?

Aidan. Lord, poor Aidan. It’s not enough to bury him in a tiny coffin for over a year. He has to be pulled out by a totally different kind of bloodsucker. He wakes up to a hideous vampire plague, is kidnapped by a half-crazed vampire, almost totally exsanguinated, and then thrown through a windshield in the middle of nowhere. I have to say, I think Aidan got the short end of the plot stick on this one. It’s going to be a long, thirsty walk back to Boston.

All in all, a great way to get the ball rolling on the new season. I’m definitely looking forward to see where all this is going to go!

Best Quotes:

Hallucination Sally: “I know you’re not thinking clearly because your head was chopped off, but Aidan is not exactly at fighting weight right now!”

Josh: “Did she just say Stevie Nicks is here?”

Things to Ponder:

  • So Sally’s not a ghost anymore, but she’s not human either. What is she now??
  • And the second part of that question, what happened to Stevie and Nick?
  • How many episodes before Josh and Nora have to deal with the legal ramifications of killing Ray? Any guesses?


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  1. I’m glad there was a recap of sorts since I’d almost forgotten what had happened on Being Human. Good start to the season. I’m curious to see what happens to Josh. Does he become a werewolf again? Looks like Ray is coming back and might have a thing or two to say about it.

  2. yeah i needed a recap as well. that was a great episode. i loved the stevie nicks line too. so is stevie and nick both inside of sally? she going to have the whole multiple personality thing going on now? wonder why the witch is bringing back ray? can’t wait for next week’s episode