‘Lost Girl’ 3.03 Episode Review And Recap: ConFaegion

Teenage parasites on this week’s episode of Lost Girl!

To catch up those who still haven’t seen this week’s episode:

The Morrigan is still a bit miffed with Bo over that whole scandalous, embarrassing picture debacle. After the most recent muddy minion fight, Bo goes to Hale to see if he can find an official Ash way to take some of the heat off. Hale agrees, if Bo can bring him the Witch’s Broomstick Staff of Righteousness. Bo knocks out that task quickly, effectively ensuring that the staff will be important to another character later in the episode.

Meanwhile, Vex is trying to get back in the Morrigan’s good graces. She agrees to reinstate him as a Dark Fae higher-up, as long as he takes out Bo, Dyson, and Kenzie. Seeing as how the Morrigan isn’t exactly confident in Vex’s current loyalties, she take the opportunity to spike his drink with something creepy-crawly.

Whatever Vex has been hit with finds its way to Bo first, turning her personality into that of a sullen teenager. From her, it jumps first to Dyson, then to Tamsin. Fortunately for our intrepid heroes, it only seems to be affecting fae, thus leaving Kenzie and Lauren to figure out what the hell is going on. Fortunately for Vex, who can’t yet be classed as an intrepid hero, being an incubator also disqualifies one from zany teenage madness. All sorts of wacky hijinks ensue, including Bo dancing on a bar, Dyson dancing on a bed, and Tamsin singing about Dyson’s adorable crush on Bo.

With the heavy-hitters out of commission, the Morrigan convinces Vex to take a team of pig-minions to finish off the crew. Picking up the conveniently-placed Staff of Righteousness to defend herself turns Kenzie into a tiny, eyelinered ninja. Incidentally, it also turns her into the Ruler of wood sprites and forest nymphs. Unfortunately, even Kenzie’s new ninja powers aren’t enough against the small army that Vex has brought and all seems lost, at least until Kenzie breaks out “You’re better than this” speech and reminds Vex of the Power of Friendship. Vex turns on the pig-minions and saves Kenzie. The fracas allows Lauren enough time to concoct and inject Bo with the antidote to the teen parasite. Kenzie and Lauren bond over their human-ish heroics and the off-screen spectacle of Bo kicking piggy patootie.

So everyone is back to normal, with most memories of the last 24 hours conveniently forgotten (but for Duran Duran’s lingering earworm). Vex has decided that, as he has no place amongst either the Light or the Dark Fae, it’s time to go on a quest to find himself. He leaves his best makeup brush with his new BFF Kenzie and treks off into the sunset.

What a fun episode! I love it when Lost Girl breaks loose and lets the cast go a little crazy. I have to admit that I re-watched my choice for “Best Quote” more than once (also the “Hungry Like the Wolf” scene, but for completely different reasons.) Fortunately, the episode wasn’t entirely fluff. Bringing in the conclusion to Vex’s current storyline, along with Tamsin’s revelation, kept this episode relevant and on-track.

Granted, I was a little iffy on the beginning of Vex’s story this time. I’ve never been a huge fan of the “Good Guys Are Mean Girls” trope. It was an easy jumping-off place for his return to the dark and following redemption. I absolutely adored his make-up bonding moments with Kenzie. Hopefully we’ll see him coming back soon.

Best Quote:
Tamsin: “Did someone spike your brewskie?”
Dyson: “Dude, this one time that totally happened. I got to be Kenzie. Nailed it!”

Things to Ponder:

  • So I’m curious to know what Bo’s secret was. Please-oh-please let us hear the poem…
  • What do you think Tamsin’s valkyrie-ness is going to mean for Bo and her little split-personality problem?


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