‘Lost Girl’ 3.08 Episode Review and Recap: Fae-ge Against The Machine

Side quests and steampunk invitations on this week’s Lost Girl!

Bo’s still having a bit of trouble with her training for the Dawning. Her attempts at capturing Cri-kee (sorry, the Cricket of Good Fortune) have come to naught, and so all that is left to do is wait for her invitation to the Dawning. On her way out of the Dal to escort Lauren to a geeky science event (and way to go Big Bang Theory on Lauren’s character this week, guys), Bo fiddles with a magical mystery machine, which wakes up just after she exits the building.

Stella recognizes the chunk of TARDIS console as Bo’s invitation. Evidently fae don’t so much ask for RSVPs as they do create ridiculously complicated scavenger hunts. As a blood relative, Trick is the one who has to makes choices in the game which will have unknown, crazy effects on Bo’s perceptions. Wacky fun!

Bo, in the meantime, is hanging out at a Dark Fae bar with Tamsin, who has decided that she likes Bo enough to give her a few prudent warnings about what she might face in the Dawning. Their girl-bonding time gets interrupted by a few belligerent Dark Fae and a spriggan with an agenda. Bo accidentally makes a deal with the spriggan, unfortunately named Balzac, and is swept into a major side-quest to rescue a girl named Hannah from some backwoodsy Dark Fae. Balzac, as it turns out, is a recruiter for Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters a special school for young fae with more interesting powers.

The quest leads Bo and Tam into pretty sketchy Dark Fae territory, with Bo having increasingly troublesome reactions to whatever Trick is messing with on her invitation pinball game. The trio bounces from one odd, one-off character to another, rescuing fortune cookies and dodging blow darts (no, really). The most important of the stops is to the Landlady, who has Bo pick a Tarot card before giving her the prescription to get her to Hannah. It’s a short scene, but the salient points are that all of Bo’s tarot cards are the Wanderer (which freaks out both the Landlady and Tam), and Balzac temporarily Leaves The Party.

Bo and Tam rescue Hannah and get her out of SketchyTown, but not until after one final choice on the magic invitation leads Tam to plant Bo with a pretty heavy liplock. The day is saved, Hannah is sent to her special school, and Bo is finally free to take Lauren to her science gala. Except for the fact that it’s way too late, Lauren is sauced, and has skipped out to go hang with a hot, nerdy doctor. Not such a happy ending for Bo. Tamsin’s more than a little concerned, too. She finds another Wanderer card out her way out of Lauren’s place, followed by an entire shower of them falling from the sky. Tam seems to know what that means, as the episode ends with her line “No, not her.” It would appear that there’s a bad moon on the rise.

For the most part, this episode felt pretty self-contained. Part of the main story arc, certainly, but not necessarily a part that we had to have. What made this one worth it to me was the interaction between Bo and Tamsin. I love Tam’s snarky BAMF-itude and the way she complements Bo. The guys in the Dark Fae bar are right: we’ve really only seen Bo act on behalf of the Light Fae. I think Tamsin shows us what Bo could be if she moved towards the other side of the line or was even actually unaligned. It’s a fun dichotomy to watch.

Other than the Good Fae/Bad Fae buddy cop feeling of this episode, I felt like the real plot-relevant takeaway was the Wanderer card revelation. It was kind of a throwaway until the last moments of the episode, but it plays into what I think is a larger storyline past that of Bo’s Dawning. Lost Girl has been teasing for quite some time now that Bo’s going to be important on a much larger scale than we’ve seen before, and I’m personally fascinated by any hints we get as to why. Any theories?

Best Quote:
Tamsin: “Tomato juice, celery, vodka. Looks like lunch to me!”

Things to Ponder:

  • I’m thinking the whole “happiness and sadness together” might have also had something to do with Lauren and her new doctor friend. Thoughts?
  • Obviously Tamsin knows a little more about what’s going on than we do. Is she going to play a bigger role in Bo’s Dawning? How does she know the significance of the Wanderer card?
  • Okay, did I miss something? When did Bo actually find out about Dyson getting his love back? Was that an off-screen moment somewhere?


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