‘Lost Girl’ 3.07 Episode Review and Recap: There’s Bo Place Like Home

Bo and Kenzie are back on the farm in this week’s Lost Girl!

For those too confused by last week’s hiatus to catch this week’s episode: a recap.

Trick’s been putting Bo through her Rite of Passage paces, and it isn’t going well. Bo’s never really been a “one with the moment” kind of girl, which is keeping her from crossing a threshold involved in the rite. Trick hires a Dawning coach (kind of like a debutante coach, only with more dire consequences and less tulle. We hope.), who tells Bo that her childhood anger at her mother is what’s keeping her from crossing the threshold. Bo reluctantly grabs Kenzie and a few of what my notes called “underfae epi-pens” (in case Bo gets all growly) and heads back to her tiny hometown just in time for the cherry festival.

When they arrive, Bo’s mom is surprisingly not as evil and bigoted as we’ve been led to believe. This is possibly due to the onset of dementia and the vast range of pills on the sideboard in the dining room. Regardless, Mom’s happy to see both Bo and Kenzie and cheerfully ships them out to the festival.

At the festival, Bo and Kenzie discover that the town’s had a run of bad luck, including the death of one of Bo’s crew from high school. They find the legend of Lady Polly thanks to a ridiculously creepy jump rope rhyme (which I realize is redundant. If “Miss Mary Mack” isn’t really about an elephant with remarkable jumping skills, please nobody tell me). It seems that Bo and her friends accidentally summoned Lady Polly back in the day, and she’s been plaguing the town ever since. Bo’s friend Dougie has been trying to lay her to rest, without much luck but with much angsting.

The big confrontation has Bo pitching Lady Polly back into the well from which she came, all the while assuring Dougie that he was just a kid and didn’t know what he was doing. This is, of course, a major revelation for Bo, who is able to apply that lesson to her own fatal experience with her boyfriend Kyle. That, plus a heart-to-somewhat-confused-heart with her mom allows Bo to find peace with herself and successfully cross the ritual threshold. Unfortunately, now is when the real work begins.

Okay, sometimes I just don’t understand the point of an episode. I’ll enjoy it, but I won’t get it. This was one of those episodes. I feel like the writers really just wanted to write an episode about Bo’s back story, but I’m not sure this was the time or the way to do it. I think the point was that Bo realized she needed to forgive herself, not her mother, but that’s not what came across in the episode. What I saw happening was Bo having a come-to-Jesus with her mother, who is no longer really in a mental state to give or receive forgiveness. Not the best episode of Lost Girl that I’ve seen, at least from a plot arc standpoint.

That being said, the rest of the episode was a lot of fun. Meeting Bo’s high school crew, Trick’s crush on the Lodestar, seeing what the Canadian version of a Southern small town looks like: all giggle-worthy moments. This was a nice little filler of an episode, but I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to major plot points next week.

Best Quotes:
Trick: “I see impending doom hasn’t affected your sense of humor.”

Bo: “Own it, Laura Ingalls.”

Things to Ponder:

  • Point of Interest: The Poludnica (or Poludnitsa) is a Slavic demon. Seeing as Kenzie’s pretty well-versed in her own culture, shouldn’t she have been all over this?
  • So Kenzie and Trick both know about Dyson getting his love back. Is Bo going to be the last to know?


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