‘Continuum’ 2.01 Episode Recap and Review: Second Chances

Continuum is back for a second season and bringing on the intrigue!

If you’ll recall from the season finale, Sonya was given a secret mission by Kagame that culminated in her holding Travis at gunpoint in the very hospital where Kagame was just born. She fills him full of lead, but runs out of ammo before going for the headshot. Evidently supersoldiers in 2077 need that killshot, because Travis manages to restart his own systems on the Operating Room table and takes out a couple of orderlies as he goes. He ends up sedated in a prison hospital while Sonya takes over the group. Vaguely-evil Agent Gardiner arranges for him to go to the same prison as Julian in hopes that Gardiner will be able to learn more about Kiera from their interactions.

Meanwhile, Kiera has gone all Oliver Queen on Vancouver, taking out Liber8 members without much regard to due process. Neither Dillon nor Carlos is particularly happy about her new game plan, but Dillon likes Agent Gardiner even less, so he’s keeping her activities under wraps. Gardiner wants to bring Kiera in to explain what he saw after the bombing. Carlos manages to convince Kiera to come back into the fold at least a little in order to help him find out who just assassinated the Mayor. Carlos gets her the surveillance footage for the surrounding area, but now Kiera needs to figure out how to upload it to her CRM, since young Alec doesn’t seem to be taking her calls.

Alec’s been a bit busy moving out, establishing his independence, and entering the wonderful world of retail (been there, kid. May God have mercy on your sweet, fictional soul.) Kiera takes matters into her own hands when she breaks into Alec’s new place and uploads the surveillance footage herself. Alec, displeased that anyone is handling his computer equipment, agrees to put aside what he learned in the message from his future self and rejoin the team. Yay!

The surveillance footage leads Kiera to what looks like a Liber8 nest, but it’s a little too perfect. She believes that someone else is pulling the strings, and she’s right. The trail ends at a couple of rival contemporary gangs. The leader of The West Coast Syndicate, the rival of a gang with Liber8 ties, ends up taking the fall for the killing. Kiera disagrees, but she can’t back up her instincts. She is, of course, correct. Garza is the one who pulled the trigger, but at the request of mayoral candidate Jim Martin, whom you may remember as Carlos’s potentially-corrupt Union Leader friend.

Back in the future, we get a glimpse of the message that Alec 2077 sent to his younger self through Kiera’s CRM. Alec 2077 warns that he’s “gone down a dangerous path and [he’s] taken the world with [him].” Alec 2012 is his one hope to set things right, but what exactly does that mean? The plot, how she doth thicken…

So I spent a rainy weekend haunting Netflix and catching up on the first season of Continuum. Man, did I ever not know what I’d been missing! This series intrigued me with its first few episodes a couple of months back, but my schedule just didn’t allow me to watch it consistently. The time slot change has fixed all that, and I’m certainly glad.

I love the slow build-up to the reveal of Alec 2077’s involvement in the time jump. Even more do I love the subtext with Kiera’s own story. She’s supposedly the good guy in this world, but she’s an enforcer of what appears to be a totalitarian government run by greedy corporations. It’s like watching an eager young Stormtrooper defend the Death Star against saboteur Rebel terrorists. Though given what we saw in the first season finale, it looks like she’s starting to question her government a bit. Well done, Kiera.

We’ll be recapping the new season of Continuum as new episodes air. Don’t forget the new timeslot: Fridays at 10/9c on Syfy!

Best Quote:
Kellog: “Oh sh*t…”
Kiera: “What?”
Kellog: “I was just starting to get over you.”

Things to Ponder:

  • So we still haven’t effectively established what genre of time travel Continuum is working with. Are Kiera, Liber8, and Alec making changes to what Kiera knows is the future, or is everything they’re doing now predestined and therefore creating that future?
  • Along the same lines, did Alec 2077 choose Kiera because she was already a part of his past, or is that a new choice for him?
  • Did it look to anyone else like Kiera’s husband knew Alec 2077 was responsible for Kiera’s CRM malfunction?
  • If one cheats on one’s spouse approximately 20 years before said spouse was born, is it still cheating?


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  1. Continuum is one of my favorite shows.

    Checkout “Liber8 podcast with Mike & Dave” Show 31 “A Test of Time” from Season 1. Exec Producer Jeff King talks about time travel http://www.continuumpodcast.com/podcast-archives/ It’s also on iTunes.

    I think Alec 2077 chose Kiera to help his younger self in 2012.

    I think Greg (Kiera’s husband) knows what’s going on with ALec 2077’s plan to change the future but don’t think he was aware of how Kiera would be involved.[Notice how upset he is when he sees Kiera in the chamber (S1, episode 1) during the execution.]

    As for the cheating, not sure if anything actually happened between Kellogg and Kiera….yet.

    Thanks for the recap!

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