‘Continuum’ 2.04 Episode Recap and Review: Second Skin

Alec’s got a ping! Is Kiera no longer the only CPS agent in present-day Vancouver?

Alec’s network goes a little nuts, just as it did right before Kiera started communicating with him through her CMR. His theory? Another traveler has come through from 2077. He’s able to figure out about where the signal came from – a garage sale out in the ‘burbs. The guy behind the sale remembers seeing the suit. In fact, it belongs to his mother. Alec isn’t going to be able to find the suit again unless it’s activated or the previous owner activates her CMR, so it’s time for her to dig a little deeper.

Of course, being that it was in a garage sale, the suit now belongs to someone else entirely. It’s currently in the hands of a sci-fi geek who has a themed wedding to attend. Costume thrifting FTW! His outfit is a big hit at the wedding, but Rex soon discovers that it can do more than just look awesome. It first keeps him from getting seriously burned at the reception buffet, and then helps him go all street-hero on a Liber8 gang holding up a gas station. Of course, this brings Rex and the suit to the attention of both Travis and Sonya. Now the race is on!

Kiera finds the suit’s previous owner. It’s her former partner, Elena. The explosion in the execution chamber hurled her back into the past, as well, but much farther than Kiera and Liber8. Elena arrived in 1975, put down roots, and raised a family. She’s suffering from Alzheimer’s now and on her deathbed, but she’s still CPS and still willing to help Kiera track down the suit.

Kiera arrives on the scene to find Travis, Garza, Sonya, and Lucas all fighting each other for control of Rex’s suit. Rex has pretty much already gone down for the count at this point, thanks to Travis setting up a pretty massive beatdown. Sonya and Lucas bail as soon as Kiera arrives, but Travis and Garza are willing to put up a fight. Kiera prevails and gets Rex to a hospital, wisely snagging the suit before the ever-annoying Gardiner can see how Rex was pulling off his crime-fighting.

Kiera brings Carlos to meet Elena, but she’s already passed on. Elena’s son thanks Kiera for being there for his mom and helping her to be so lucid in her final days. Carlos is on the spot to comfort her for the loss of her friend, deepening their relationship that much more. Across town, Alec is deepening a relationship of his own. He’s finally gotten up the nerve to ask out the cute girl from the coffee shop, and they have an adorkably awkward first date.

Hey look! There are people in Vancouver who aren’t directly related to this vast, time-traveling conspiracy! Oh, Rex. Bless your sweet little cosplaying heart. I have to admit, I was expecting a revamp of the Warehouse 13 episode with a similar plotline. Shy guy finds some spectacular piece of clothing and uses it to fight crime and impress his ladylove. Only this time there was no denouement for the happy couple (also no Simon and Kaylee, but I can look past that). In my head, Rex popped the question once he regained consciousness. That’s my version and I’m sticking to it!

I’ll be interested to see how Continuum deals with the idea of other time travelers from 2077 arriving in the past. If Elena came back in 1975, who knows how long people have been arriving and even using their future knowledge for their own gain. The possibilities are endless!

Best Quote:
Kiera: “Our first date. It’s not starting well.”

Things to Ponder:

  • I realize that not everyone in the past can be important in 2077, but Emma reminds me of Mac from Veronica Mars, and therefore I want her to stick around.
  • So Elena had kids back in present-day Vancouver. What’s the likelihood of her being her own grandmother?


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  1. This is my favorite episode of Season 2…so far. Kiera finally meets someone who knew her in 2077. It was just like old times talking with Elena and a very emotional scene at the end of the episode.

    I liked the theme. Second Skin referred to the second CPS suit but also to the “second skin” or disguise that Kiera wears everyday to protect her true identity.
    Overall great episode. Thanks for the recap!