‘Continuum’ 2.11 Episode Recap and Review: Second Guess

Vancouver is falling apart on this episode of Continuum!

Vancouver is in the midst of a massive cyber-attack. An unknown hacker (okay, it’s Liber8. Big shock there) has managed to access the private email accounts of practically everyone in the city. Dillon decides to take advantage of the chaos by telling Betty to hack the email accounts of anyone even tangentially related to Liber8. Not cool, Dillon. Not cool. He uses the farmed information to conduct mass arrests of Liber8 sympathizers. Lucas, who is behind the whole thing, retaliates by fiddling with the computers that run civil services, including the traffic lights.

As it turns out, Lucas isn’t exactly the only one behind all this. He’s getting his orders from the Kagame in his head. He tells Sonya all of this, leading her to realize that his elevator is no longer going all the way to the top floor. On “Kagame’s” orders, Lucas releases several politically sensitive emails, including those linking mayoral candidate Jim Martin with Sonya and those containing details about Piron basically buying out the VPD. No part of this is good at all. Both Sonya and Travis have been threatening Martin, so he attempts to play both sides, getting them to meet up in an abandoned factory. The meet doesn’t exactly end in the mutually assured destruction that Martin was hoping for. Instead, Sonya and Travis hook back up (to the awkward confusion on their onlooking minions) and decide to go after Martin together.

Alec is finally able to track down Lucas. The VPD corners his Van of Crazy Cyber Evil and takes him into custody. Kiera finds the rest of the time travel orange wedges in the van, and Carlos is cool enough to look the other way while she pockets them to give to Alec later. A review of the cameras in Lucas’s van reveal that the person Lucas believed was Kagame was actually Julian the whole time. Then again, so is everyone in the entirely empty room that Lucas occupies in a Vancouver mental hospital. Poor guy.

Alec finally understands what his technology can do, and therefore destroys ARC. He turns the only backup over to Emily, who pretends to destroy it, and then most likely hands it over to Escher. Escher, as it turns out, has been watching the entire episode through a series of CCTV cameras. Very Batman, but with somewhat less altruism.

Oh, I love where this is going. I hate to see Lucas go all Arkham, but no one’s ever said whether or not temporal distortion madness is a permanent thing or if it just passes. Maybe he’ll come back soon. (I will NOT check IMDB. I won’t, I won’t, I won’t!) Regardless, the political situation on Continuum is getting dark in a way that looks to be opening Kiera’s eyes to what her future really was. That’s pretty brilliant, as far as I’m concerned.

I’m interested to see what’s going to happen with the time travel device. It’s whole again and back in Kiera’s hands (okay, Alec’s hands), but Continuum has been renewed for another season. There’s no way she’s getting back to 2077 this quickly. So what’s going to come between Kiera and her trip home?

Only 2 more episodes left in season 2!

Best Quote:
Kellog: “What does he want with antimatter? Try not to say it in Nerd.”

Things to Ponder:

  • Alright, so how did Julian make Lucas think that he was Kagame? Was that just part of Lucas’s temporal distortion madness, or did Julian have access to a device like Alec’s?
  • Speaking of which, Kiera and Kellog talked about temporal distortion madness like it’s a widely-known thing, but this time travel device is supposed to be a prototype, right? How did they know that time travel can make people go crazy?
  • Anyone remember when Dillon was a good guy?


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  1. Loved Kellogg’s quote too!

    I’m going to have to rewatch this episode before tomorrow’s new episode. So much going on here.

    Carlos has now become the “Voice of Reason” especially when dealing with Dillon.
    Thanks for the recap!