‘Royal Pains’ 5.11 Episode Recap And Review: Pain In The Neck

Hank learns the cause for his painkiller addiction, while Molly’s manic episode sends Don into a coma. The writers have made it clear that Alexandra Socha’s character would cause problems since she first entered the season in episode two, and while I assumed that she was just acting like a normal teen growing up in a single-parent household, her actions are starting to make me think she suffers from Bipolar Disorder – that’s the only logic explanation for her being a pain in the neck every single week. That aside, it turns out that Henry may not have a Hydrocodone habit after all. His desire to be heavily medicated actually stems from a literal pain in his neck, which he sustained months prior to his craniotomy, so kudos to Dr. Sacani for pointing that out!

For a split second, I actually thought that because Molly totally snitched on Hank for administering prediction drugs during her accident at her childhood home, I actually thought that the incident would cost him the merger with Symphony Health, but now that Jeremiah ruled out the reason for Henry’s behavior, I hope that Shelby Shackleford, lets him slide. After all, desperate situations call for desperate measures, and why should a doctor have to let his patient suffer in pain, when he had a solution – regardless if it wasn’t the smartest thing to do at the time?

Dr. Lawson wasn’t the only Royal Pains character making hasty decisions in the “Open Invitation” episode though. Divya decided to move out of Jeremiah’s house after she overheard Evan telling Paige how madly in love he’s been with her for the past two summers. Seriously, what’s her deal? Ben Shenkman’s character seems like such a nice man! I mean, isn’t it obvious? I for one don’t know of any man who would agree to attend Lamaze classes for a woman who’s pregnant by another man, never mind his personal feelings toward her. So what is she so afraid of? You’d think that because Katdare hasn’t been successful in the relationship department that she’d jump at the chance for true love, but nope!

And what’s up with Paige being insecure? She’s good-looking, intelligent and super rich to the point where any man would grovel at her feet, and yet, she’s worried about Evan’s stupid little crush for Divya? Darn you, one-percenters and your first world problems!

What did you think of the “Open Invitation” episode? Will Jeremiah ever tell Divya how he feels before it’s too late? Speak your mind in the comments, and catch an all-new Royal Pains tonight at 9p EST on USA.