‘Lost Girl’ 4.02 Episode Recap and Review: Sleeping Beauty School

The gang continues the search for Bo on this week’s episode of Lost Girl!

Dyson’s making his daily pilgrimage to the crash site, looking for Tamsin, only this time he may have actually found her. He pulls a small, blond, feral child. He takes her back to Bo and Kenzie’s place in hopes that she’ll be able to tell them what happened to Bo. While they’re waiting for this particular regeneration version of Tam to regain her memories, Trick uses last episode’s compass to determine that Bo isn’t anywhere in this dimension at the moment.

With Bo being vastly elsewhere, the only way to find her now is to use a hunter who can also travel across dimensions. The nearest and most available one they can think of is Endymion, but he’s been missing for a while. The best person to ask about him is his ex-girlfriend, Selene. (God, so many Sailor Moon flashbacks during this episode…) She’s running a salon now, and rather disinclined to talk about the whereabouts of her ex. Clio, on the other hand, points Hale and Dyson in the general direction of someone who might be able to help.

What Clio fails to mention is that she’s sent the boys to Astrid carrying instructions to wipe out their memories. Astrid doesn’t feel like it and instead gives Dyson a kiss in a bottle that she says will come in handy in his search for Endymion. Hale she anoints with a perfume, telling him to go and find the one he loves. The boys head back to the salon, only to be surrounded by many angry blond women. Fortunately, Hale’s perfume turns them from angry to amorous (yeah, it’s a hard knock life, Hale), giving Dyson the chance to slip to the back of the salon and find Endymion. He finds the mythological shepherd asleep in Selene’s locked boudoir. Selene says that only her kiss can wake him, and she isn’t planning on kissing him anytime soon. Besides, her tastes are running more towards the wolfy side now. Dyson works out that the kiss given to him by Astrid will make Selene wake Endymion, which she does.

Endymion’s glad to be finally awake, and more than happy to help Dyson on his quest to find his lady love. In order to do so, though, he needs to know how Dyson sees Bo. After some very manly hemming and hawing, Dyson comes out with this fantastically mushy speech about Bo’s heart and how he feels about her. The speech (and a subsequent one more on the topic) inspires Hale to go tell Kenzie how he feels.

Dyson and Endymion (no power on this Earth is going to get me to call him “Eddie”) continue the search for a portal into whatever realm Bo might be haunting about now. Unfortunately, Endymion’s been out of the game for a while. On the other hand, there’s someone else who can find Bo more easily, the mysterious Clio. She gets Endymion out of the way and shows Dyson how to summon the train that she knows Bo to be on. As it turns out, Bo’s Wanderer tarot card is a train ticket, of sorts. She swears that she can get Bo back, but cleverly doesn’t swear that she’ll be getting Bo back for Dyson. In fact, she has a side deal of sorts going on with Vex.

Back at the house, Kenzie is dealing with Tiny TamTam in all her 8-year-old glory. Many hijinks ensue, including the rather unfortunate dumping of Kenzie’s fairy cream. She is the one who finds Bo’s Wanderer card so that they can get it to Dyson, though, so well done there. Once Kenzie gets her down for a much-needed nap, Hale pops by to confess his lurrrve. Kenz is wildly enthusiastic, but that might have something to do with the Axe-commercial-effect perfume from Astrid. Before Hale can stop her rather passionate reaction, Tiny TamTam does the job for him, mostly by waking up to discover that she isn’t nearly so tiny anymore. In the space of a few hours, Tam has gone from 8 years old to about 15. Eesh!

Meanwhile, on what Clio calls the Death Train, Bo is awake and actively trying to figure out what’s going on. A blond maid pops in to warn her that “He” will be unhappy if she wakes him, but the warning goes largely unheeded. In fact, the maid’s main purpose seems to be to provide a little succubus Happy Meal for Bo before she decides to find her own way off the train. Newly restored, Bo hops off the train into the dark ether, just as Dyson and Clio seem to board.

Honestly, I don’t have much of an opinion on this one. The season is starting out pretty slowly. Do we have any readers up in Canada who can tell me if it’ll be picking up speed soon? Right now it just feels like we’re plodding along until Bo gets back (which I understand she’ll be doing soon). I may be in the minority, but I really prefer Lost Girl when it’s following its ‘Fae of the Week’ formula and weaving in a larger plot here and there. I’m very much looking forward to getting that back on track once the gang is reunited.

Best Quote:
Dyson: “So this fantasy of yours… all the girls carrying poky things?”
Hale: “Nope. There was only one poky thing, and it was mine.”

Hale: “What do I look like, ‘Dr. Spock’s Guide to Growing Valkyries’?”

Things to Ponder:

  • What is Clio’s deal with Vex? And why does he need Bo back in one piece? Is she the “her” that he offered up to the Una Mens?
  • When and how do you think we’ll be bringing Lauren back into the fold?
  • Speaking of Lauren, Buffy the Vampire Slayer only spent one episode on the whole ‘hiding as a waitress’ story. Now I understand why.


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