Nicholas Hoult’s ‘The Order’ Prepares to Begin Filming In Calgary

Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult has no shortage of projects lined up. His latest film, The Order, which also stars Jude Law, is getting ready to begin filming next month.

The crime drama will be directed by Justin Kurzel and written by Zach Baylin. Jude Law is also a producer on the project, along with Stuart Ford and Bryan Haas. Filming is expected to begin in Calgary on May 11, 2023, and is expected to continue filming through the end of June.

The Storyline of The Order

So what do we know about The Order? The movie, which is set in 1983, follows the escalating crimes of the titular white supremest domestic terror group. Baffled law enforcement is searching for answers among a series of violent bank robberies, counterfeiting operations, and armored car heists, all of which have Pacific Northwest communities understandably terrified.

Jude Law plays a lone FBI agent who hails from the quaint and picturesque town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. He comes to believe that the series of crimes are not, in fact, the work of traditional, financially motivated criminals, but instead, a group of dangerous domestic terrorists inspired by a radical, charismatic leader (played by Nicholas Hoult).

Nicholas Hoult
Photo Credit: lev radin

Nicholas Hoult’s Upcoming Projects

Nicholas Hoult, 33, most recently stars in Renfield opposite Nicolas Cage, which releases in theaters on April 14. And behind that release, he has two more projects which are currently in production, including the 2024 animated flick Garfield and the Nosferatu remake, where he plays Thomas Hutter.

Additionally, Hoult has two more projects in the early stages of development, including a fantasy TV series, Wildfire Johnny, and a sci-fi flick, Alpha Gang. The latter has a rather impressive cast attached to it, including Jon Hamm, Steven Yuen, and Mackenzie Davis.

Additional Movie News on The Order

Currently, no other cast has been announced for The Order. However, with production beginning in a few weeks, additional cast announcements should be coming soon.

There is no release for The Order yet. Though it’s not likely that The Order would release until at least 2024 at the earliest. We’ll keep you posted as more news surfaces!


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