Pedro Pascal’s New Movie ‘Weapons’ Eyes Fall 2023 Filming

Pedro Pascal Prepares for Weapons Filming

Pedro Pascal is getting ready to return to the big screen for Weapons. The horror project is expected to start filming this October. However, the production timing depends on the status of the current WGA strike.

The movie is described as “an interrelated, multistory horror epic about the disappearance of high school students in a small town.”

Drawing inspiration from the cinematic masterpiece Magnolia by acclaimed filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, the script for Weapons is said to share a similar tonal approach. Just like Magnolia, Weapons weaves together multiple interconnected story threads, creating a captivating narrative tapestry.

Barbarian‘s Zach Cregger is writing, directing, and producing the flick. Also producing are Roy Lee, J.D. Lifshitz, Raphael Margules, and Miri Yoon. 

The History of the Movie Weapons

In the fiercely competitive landscape of the film industry, securing a lucrative deal for a spec script can be a monumental accomplishment. And such was the case for Weapons.

In a highly competitive bidding war, New Line Cinema emerged victorious, securing the rights to the spec script. According to Deadline Hollywood, major players like Universal, Netflix, and Sony/TriStar were involved in the intense battle.

The deal, which is being hailed as unprecedented in modern times, included an eight-figure sum of money, a guaranteed greenlight for production, final cut privileges for Cregger, and a stake in the film’s backend profits.

However, the most significant aspect that sealed the agreement was the assurance of a theatrical release, a crucial factor that set New Line apart from Netflix, despite the latter’s willingness to offer a higher upfront payment. The Hollywood Reporter also noted the strong appeal of New Line’s successful track record with horror films.

As per Deadline’s report, the deal ultimately amounted to an impressive $38 million, encompassing the film’s budget as well as director Cregger’s compensation. Cregger is receiving $5 million for directing. And when combined with his fees for scripting and producing alongside Vertigo’s Roy Lee, Miri Yoon, J.D. Lifshitz, and Raphael Margules, his total earnings will be $10 million.

This substantial agreement solidifies the film’s financial backing and highlights the confidence and investment placed in the talents involved.

Jordan Peele
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Jordan Peele Was Almost a Producer

Diving a bit deeper into that battle for the spec script. Everything came down to two major contenders: New Line Cinema and Universal Pictures.

While Universal had the backing of acclaimed filmmaker Jordan Peele and his Monkeypaw studio, they fell short in their bid, offering $7 million less than New Line’s proposal.

It was also said that Peele was willing to contribute the additional funds from his contractual back end. However, Universal expressed concerns about the budget as a viable business proposition and ultimately withdrew from the negotiations.

Interestingly, both Peele and the screenwriter of the script, Zach Cregger, shared the same manager, Peter Principato, which potentially added a layer of complexity to the proceedings. This turn of events eventually led Peele to part ways with his management company, Artists First. 

Pedro Pascal Movies
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Weapons Cast

Starring alongside Pedro Pascal in the Weapons cast is Renate Reinsve. Also mentioned in the production notes for the project (though yet to be listed on IMDB) are Brian Tyree Henry, Tom Burke, and Austin Abrams.

Additional Details

Weapons is scheduled to Cincinnati, Ohio, this October. Stay tuned for more details about the production and Weapons‘ release date once additional information becomes available.

Regarding where you can expect to see Pedro Pascal next, he’ll star in this fall’s Drive-Away Dolls, which is scheduled for release on September 22, 2023. Additionally, he’s expected to begin filming Season 4 of The Mandalorian in November.

But again, these timelines for production depend on the writers’ strike being resolved before production begins. If it’s not, everything will be pushed back further.


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