‘Young Sheldon’ Season 7: Release Date Speculation, News, Cast, and More

Young Sheldon Season 7

The prequel series to The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, is returning for Season 7. Though, it’s unclear at present if this upcoming season will be the series’ last. The CBS show has entered production on new episodes as of November 27 and is currently filming in Los Angeles.

Here’s what we know so far about Young Sheldon Season 7. Spoilers ahead for Season 6.

Young Sheldon Season 7
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Young Sheldon Returning for Season 7

CBS confirmed Young Sheldon Season 7 as part of a three-season renewal back in March 2021. The renewal of The Big Bang Theory prequel has also sparked speculation that Season 7 may be the last. However, nothing has been decided yet in regards to when the series will end. However, Season 7 is the last of the three-season order by the network.

The show’s executive producer, Steve Holland, also told TVLine back in March that Season 7 may well be the last one.

“We’ve certainly started to talk about it,” said Holland at the time. “There are certainly things we know we want to hit next season, and there are certain things where, if it’s the end versus if it’s just another season, those things might be different.”

What is known, is that Young Sheldon Season 7 will likely have fewer episodes. Previously, Deadline reported that the Season 7 writers’ room would be open again after the WGA strike was resolved in late September. Young Sheldon writer Connor Kirkpatrick shared a photo on the WB lot, hinting that work on the upcoming season has officially started.

Separately, Holland also mentioned that the strikes that took place in May and July played a role in the decision.

“That’s certainly another thing that throws a wrench into it – how long it goes on, and how many episodes this next season will end up being,” said Holland. “Those are questions we can’t even answer, we’d just be speculating. So, we certainly have a plan in place of where we’re aiming next season with some understanding and some flexibility that this may or may not be the end.”

Young Sheldon Season 7
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Young Sheldon Cast

While there’s no official cast list yet for Young Sheldon Season 7, the main cast are expected to return. Some of the guest characters that have popped up now and then are also expected to come back.

This includes Iain Armitage as Sheldon Cooper, Zoe Perry as Mary Cooper, Lance Barber as George Cooper, Montana Jordan as Georgie, Raegan Revord as Missy, Annie Potts as “Connie” or Meemaw, and Emily Osment as Mandy McAllister. Jim Parsons will also be expected to return to lend his voice as the adult Sheldon.

As for the recurring and guest characters, this includes Craig T. Nelson as Dale Ballard, Matt Hobby as Pastor Jeff Difford, and Melissa Peterman as Brenda Sparks. The same can be said for Wyatt McClure as Billy Sparks, Wallace Shawn as John Sturgis, and Ed Begley Jr. as Dr. Grant Linkletter. Wendie Malick as President Linda Hagermeyer, Dan Byrd as Pastor Rob, Rachel Ray Jones as Mandy’s mother Audrey McAllister, and Will Sasso as Mandy’s dad Jim McAllister.

One character that is often seen in Young Sheldon is Paige, played by McKenna Grace. It remains to be seen whether Grace will be returning for Young Sheldon Season 7. This is because the last time the viewers see Paige, she was tagging along with Missy who ran away.

Young Sheldon Season 7
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What Happened in Young Sheldon Season 6

In the finale of Young Sheldon Season 6, Sheldon and Mary are heading to Germany for his summer study. The Coopers are also dealing with the tornado’s aftermath that affected Medford, Texas, including the destruction of their beloved Meemaw’s home. Georgie and Mandy also decided to get married.

Fans of The Big Bang Theory know that Georgie and Mandy might not get their happily ever after. According to the flagship series, Georgie got married and divorced twice in 2019. However, Georgie and Mandy’s wedding might end Georgie’s prequel arc well.

What Might Happen Next

As to what might happen in Young Sheldon Season 7, we can only base it on the Season 6 finale. But even with what happens in Season 6, there’s been a debate on how old Sheldon was at that time. The titular character would’ve been 12 or 13 years old. In Season 7 of The Big Bang Theory, it’s revealed that George died when Sheldon was 14.

The upcoming season might bring everyone closer to that moment in Sheldon’s life. According to the story in The Big Bang Theory, George cheats on Mary and he dies. George’s death may likely be part of the Season 7 storyline since there’s no news on whether the prequel would get a Season 8. It was following George’s passing that Sheldon moved from Texas to Pasadena to start his graduate studies at CalTech University.

Either way, what happens in Young Sheldon Season 7 will line up with The Big Bang Theory’s narrative. Fans also want to know why Sheldon never mentions Paige as an adult and whether she turns out okay.

Because the show is the prequel to The Big Bang Theory, don’t expect any cameos from the original cast members. However, the original cast, aside from Parsons, has done voiceover cameos. This includes Kaley Cuoco as Penny, Simon Helberg as Howard, and Mayim Bialik as Amy.

Young Sheldon Season 7
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Young Sheldon Season 7 Release Date News & Speculation

While the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes are over, that doesn’t mean there’s a premiere date yet for Young Sheldon Season 7. The show was initially supposed to return around this time as part of the CBS fall 2023 lineup. However, the strikes have pushed back production and a premiere.

It’s also unclear whether there were new scripts and if filming was already being done before the strikes. Luckily, now that the strikes are over, production will likely resume as soon as possible. There’s also no word from CBS on whether filming for Young Sheldon Season 7 will resume if filming was already underway.

For now, fans can rewatch the first six seasons on Max and Paramount +. Seasons 1 to 5 and most of Season 6 are available to watch on Max. Young Sheldon Season 7, however, would be brought to Paramount + the next day after it airs on CBS.

At the same time, Max announced in April 2023 that another spinoff to the flagship show would be coming to the platform at some point. It’s unknown whether the show will be a prequel or a sequel. However, The Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre is known to be attached to the project.


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