‘The Wheel of Time’ Season 3: Everything You Need to Know

The Wheel of Time Season 3

Following a successful second season, fans will be delighted to know that The Wheel of Time Season 3 is on the way. The show, based on Robert Jordan’s popular book series of the same name, is currently in production and will continue filming through mid-April. 

So what do we know The Wheel of Time Season 3? We’ve got you covered below! Possible spoilers ahead for The Wheel of Time Season 2.

The Wheel of Time Season 3
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The Wheel of Time Season 3 Is Adapting Fourth Book

The Wheel of Time Season 3 will be adapting the fourth book of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series, “The Shadow Rising.” This is because the first season adapted the first book of the 14-book series, “The Eye of the World,” while Season 2 was based on the second and third books, “The Great Hunt,” and “The Dragon Reborn.”

The fourth book also happens to be the longest story in Jordan’s series. It mainly focuses on Rand who wields the sword Callandor as he looks for answers to another prophecy connected to a warrior people known as the Aiel.

“One nice thing about Season 3 is that we really get to focus on one book this season, which is book four, which is one of the best books in the entire series,” Series creator Rafe Judkins revealed during the show’s panel at the New York Comic Con in October 2023. “So I’m glad that we get to really spend a whole season doing it.”

Judkins also hinted at what the upcoming season would introduce in terms of characters and locations.

“We get to go really meet them and see them go to where they’re from. We also get to explore with some of our characters the world of dreams and dreamwalking. And I think that’s a really cool thing to get to do in Season 3 because it is one of those unique elements in Wheel of Time that no other book series really had,” said Judkins.

The Wheel of Time Season 3
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Who Is in The Cast?

For The Wheel of Time Season 3, fans can expect the main cast to be back. This includes Rosamund Pike as Moiraine Damodred, Josha Stradowski as Rand al’Thor, Marcus Rutherford as Perrin Aybara, and Zoe Robins as Nynaeve al’Meara. Also expected to come back are Madeleine Madden as Egwene al’Vere, Daniel Henney as Lan Mandragoran, Donal Finn as Mat Cauthon, and Ceara Coveney as Elayne Trakand. The same goes for Jay Duffy as Dain Bornhala, Arnas Fedaravicius as Masema Dagar, Natasha O’Keeffe as Lanfear, and Ragga Ragnars as Bain.

Other cast members expected to be back include Maja Simonsen as Chiad, Meera Syal as Verin Mathwin, Ayoola Smart as Aviendha, and Rima Te Wiata as Sheriam Bayanar. Kae Alexander is also expected to come back for Season 3 as Min Farshaw as well as Hammed Animashaun as Loial and Priyanka Bose as Alanna Mosvanil. Jennifer Cheon Garcia, Kate Fleetwood, Emmanuel Imani, and Johann Myers are also expected to return as Leane Sharif, Liandrin Giurale, Ihvon, and Padan Fain respectively.

Fans can also expect the return of Taylor Napier as Maksim, Sophie Okonedo as Siuan Sanche, Guy Roberts as Uno Nomesta, Laia Costa as Moghedien, and Paul Maynard as Jac al’Seen. Isabella Bucceri, who plays Faile Bashere, has yet to be confirmed for Season 3.

Given that they were killed off in Season 2, several cast members won’t be expected to return. This includes Gregg Chillingirian as Ingtar Shinowa, Fares Fares as Ishamael, Daniel Francis as Turak, Xelia Mendes-Jones as Renna, Stuart Graham as Geofram Bornald, and Karima Adebibe as High Lady Suroth.

The Wheel of Time Season 3
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What to Expect in Season 3?

Pike also teased that fans should be expecting more characters to come in for The Wheel of Time Season 3.

“Actors are really flocking to come and be guest stars on our show. They know that we have a show with diversity at its core. Where people are embraced to celebrate powerful figures in all their dimensions, and we’ve got fantastic actresses of all ages coming to do amazing work on our show, and actors too. It is very exciting that people now know that this is a home that they can have for a few months, that they can come and do exciting work and play really unforgettable characters, and you’ll get a glimpse of some of them in Season 2 and way more in Season 3,” Pike told The Wrap at the time.

Stradowski also revealed to Winter is Coming that his character comes into his own in Season 3.

“I feel like Season 3, he’s finally facing it. As an audience, we finally get to see why Rand is the Dragon. Not only see, but like feel it, you know, apart from the prophecies. He was born there and you know, old bloods, that kind of stuff…the whole prophecies. We get to see why he actually is the Dragon. And that also means being the most dangerous man alive, probably,” said the actor. “Just the bits and pieces, you know. It’s like glimpses…that’s a good word.”

The Wheel of Time Season 3
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The Wheel of Time Season 3 Release Date News and Speculation

There isn’t a release date yet for The Wheel of Time Season 3. However, it’s possible that the series could return as early as late 2024. Production for the upcoming season is already taking place in Prague, Slovenia, and Cape Town, South Africa. The South Africa unit began filming on February 12, 2024 and will continue until mid-April 2024. Filming in Prague, Czech Republic for Season 3 had already wrapped during the fall of 2023.

Production began during the spring of 2023. The Wheel of Time was one of the shows and films that continued filming even during the Hollywood union strikes. This is because the show is an international production and is not required to follow SAG-AFTRA rules. Despite continued filming, the show went on a pre-production break in August before resuming in Slovenia in September.

Executive producer Marigo Kehoe talked about how the show continued filming despite the ongoing strikes. Kehoe also revealed how the scripts for Season 3 were already written before WGA went on strike in May 2023.

“We were very lucky that we had eight scripts before we started, so we were able to keep going. And the production team was unbelievable. Cast-wise, they’re on Equity contracts, not SAG contracts, so they were contracted and able to work. We’re one of the very few shows, I think, that was able to keep going. We really were lucky. And I’m just very grateful for the huge team of people, the crew. Because it’s been so tough for everybody,” Kehoe said during the NYCC Comic Con.

Henney also revealed to TechRadar back in June that they have already filmed quite a bit for Season 3. For now, fans can rewatch the first and second seasons on Prime Video.


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