Timberlake Donates $100,000

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE has donated $100,000 (#50,000) to an Australian wildlife
fund, paying tribute to deceased crocodile hunter STEVE IRWIN.

The U.S. pop superstar is currently touring Australia on the latest leg of
his FutureSex/LoveShow tour.

And during a concert in Brisbane on Saturday (27Oct07) evening, he announced
plans to give $100,000 to a scheme set-up by Irwin.

Timberlake had been given a guided tour of the facility in Queensland by
Irwin on a previous tour, prompting the generous gesture.

He told the crowd, “When I came here last time, it really hit me…I said to
myself: ‘What can I do?’

“So what I did was 50 cents from every ticket sold on the Australian tour
goes to Wildlife Warriors.”

Irwin was killed in 2006, when a stingray pierced his heart.



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  1. Chloe wrote: I’m a huge fan and supporter of Wildlife Warriors and everything Steve Irwin did for Australian wildlife, so I’m really happy Justin did this. More celebrities need to be life Justin these days.