Timberlake’s Birdie Attack

Pop superstar JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE wished he never got a birdie on an Australian golf course recently – he was struck by a magpie.

The SexyBack hitmaker – who is currently on tour Down Under – was playing a round of golf in Brisbane when he was harassed by an overzealous magpie.

Recalling the incident onstage at his Sydney concert on Tuesday night (13Nov07), he said: “(Magpies are) the dive bombing gangsters’ of the air!”

And the attack caused Timberlake to have a little accident of his own, reports TheCelebrityTruth.com.

He added, “I didn’t realize until I got to the next tee bar, that I had peed my pants, just a little bit! Just a little bit, not a lot.

“So, I say, ‘Boo’ to the magpies.”



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