Clooney Engagement Reporter – A Mistake

A Dubai photographer sparked an international incident over the weekend
(08/09Dec07) when he accidentally referred to GEORGE CLOONEY’s girlfriend as his fiancee.

The unnamed snapper called Sarah Larson Clooney’s fiancee on photographs he took for the world’s leading picture agencies at the Dubai International Film Festival, which Clooney attended with the former U.S. reality TV star.

Gossips jumped on the news and suggested the couple had wed in the Middle East, but the movie star’s publicist insists the engagement story was just “a mistake”.



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  1. Joanne (OCallyFaN80) wrote: Ah, okay, good. Happy for them, but not ready to see George walk down the aisle. It should be me for God’s sake, although he could be my father. My Goddamit, this man is HOT!