George Clooney Net Worth

George Clooney Net Worth

George Clooney is an American actor and producer, and undoubtedly one of the biggest names in Hollywood. He is known for playing iconic roles like Batman in Batman & Robin, Danny Ocean in Ocean’s Eleven. and Doug Ross in ER.

Over the span of four decades, George Clooney’s net worth has steadily grown. Read on to find out how he earned his biggest salaries and trace his journey from the beginning of his career.

Young George Clooney
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Early Life

George Clooney was born in Lexington, Kentucky, on May 6, 1961. His mother is Nina Bruce, and she is a former beauty queen as well as a city councilwoman. His father is Nick Clooney. He was a TV host and anchorman who spent 5 years with AMC. Clooney also has an older sister whose name is Adelia.

Clooney’s family tree included a number of famous celebrities in the entertainment industry. The actress and cabaret singer Rosemary Clooney is his aunt. Actors Miguel Ferrer, Rafael Ferrer and Gabriel Ferrer, whose wife is Debby Boone, are his cousins. He is also related to President Abraham Lincoln through a great-great-grandmother on the maternal side.

As part of a Catholic family, Clooney attended the Blessed Sacrament School in Kentucky. He also studied at St. Michael’s School in Ohio, transferring later on to Western Row Elementary School. Clooney also attended St. Susanna School where he was an altar boy.

Clooney graduated from Augusta High School in Kentucky and got consistent A’s and B’s. He also played basketball and baseball, but unfortunately did not make it to the Cincinnati Reds when he tried out.

After high school, Clooney took up broadcast journalism at Northern Kentucky University. He later transferred to the University of Cincinnati but didn’t get a degree from either school.

George Clooney
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Acting Career

Clooney’s first few years in Hollywood were not nearly as glamorous as his life today. But he wasn’t exactly destitute because he was staying with his famous aunt Rosemary Clooney while looking for work.

Soon, he landed small roles in famous television shows. Some of his earliest appearances were in The Facts of Life, Murder She Wrote, The Golden Girls, and Roseanne.

Cast of ER
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The first TV role that really catapulted Clooney to fame was as Dr. Doug Ross in the medical drama ER. It is interesting to note that Clooney had also appeared in an earlier sitcom called E/R back in 1984. The two are completely different shows. By the end of the first season of ER, George Clooney’s net worth had already risen to $3 million.

While doing ER, for which he appeared in a total of 109 episodes, Clooney also appeared in several blockbuster films. Among his more famous movies from the 90s were From Dusk till Dawn, One Fine Day, and Out of Sight. He also played Batman in the 1997 Batman & Robin.

In 2000, Clooney was cast in the role of Captain Billy Tyne in The Perfect Storm. This was quickly followed by the comedy drama O Brother, Where Art Thou? Both films did very well at the box office and critics praised him for his performance. By the end of the year, George Clooney’s net worth had grown to $10 million.

Brad Pitt and George Clooney
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Ocean’s Movie Trilogy

In 2001, Clooney was cast in one of the most iconic films of his career. Not only did this film propel him to new heights of fame, but it also earned him a cool $20 million in base salary alone. He went on to reprise his role in the sequels Ocean’s 12 and Ocean’s 13.

His on-screen chemistry with Brad Pitt and the rest of the Ocean’s cast also earned them a few awards. They won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Chemistry in 2007. Clooney also got the People’s Choice Award for Favorite on Screen Match-Up with Brad Pitt in 2008. Additionally, Clooney was also voted Best Dressed for Ocean’s Eleven at the 2002 MTV Movie & Music Awards.

By the end of 2012, George Clooney’s net worth surpassed the $100 million mark. Three years later, he had made it to $200 million.

George Clooney Awards
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Award-Winning Performances

In 2006, Clooney won his first Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Syriana. The same year, he was also nominated for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay for Good Night, and Good Luck. In 2013, he was in the movie Argo which won Best Picture.

Clooney also won Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor in O Brother, Where Art Thou? and for Best Supporting Actor in Syriana. Clooney has also received 9 nominations and 1 win at the BAFTA. For his TV roles, Clooney has received nominations for Primetime Emmy Awards for his work in ER in 1995 and 1996.

George Clooney and Wife Amal Clooney
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Personal Life

Clooney’s wife Amal Clooney (nee Alamuddin) is a British-Lebanese human rights attorney. They were married in September 2014 by Clooney’s friend and the former mayor of Rome, Walter Veltroni. George and Amal are now the parents of 5-year-old twins Ella and Alexander.

Before his current marriage, Clooney has been known for his rather prolific love life. He dated actress Kelly Preston from 1987 to 1989. In 1989, he married actress Talia Balsam but they separated in 1993. Clooney then briefly dated actress Ginger Lynn Allen.

From 1995 to 2000, Clooney dated Cameron Diaz, Frances Fisher and French celebrity Celine Balitran. He was also rumored to have dated Lucy Liu and Charlize Theron. He then had a 5-year on-off relationship with model Lisa Snowdon starting in 2000. During this time, he also dated other actresses including Renee Zellweger, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Krista Allen, Linda Thompson, and Sarah Larson.

From 2009 to 2011, Clooney’s girlfriend was Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis. From 2011 to 2013, he dated Stacy Keibler from the WWE. After meeting Amal, Clooney had found his missing piece, and finally settled down and tied the knot.

George Clooney
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George Clooney Net Worth Today

In addition to his movie earnings, Clooney’s assets also include the sale of his Casamigos Tequila company. He sold it for $700 million to Diageo in 2017, with potentially $300 million more if the company performs well.

With everything that he has accomplished so far, it’s not that much of a surprise that George Clooney’s net worth is already at $500 million. A lot of his assets come in the form of real estate, like the $30 million Lake Como villa that he has owned since 2002.

Next up for Clooney is Ticket to Paradise, which he’ll star alongside Julia Roberts. The film is set to release this October. Clooney also has another project in pre-production where he’ll star alongside Brad Pitt again. The project currently is untitled, but it is being written and directed by Jon Watts


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