Nervous Bell Rules Out Romance

HEROES star KRISTEN BELL fears she’ll never find another man because the dating
game makes her want to “vomit”.

The blond has recently ended a five-year romance and now she worries it
will be some time before she gets involved again.

This contradicts reports Bell is currently dating Kate Hudson’s ex Dax

She says, “I’m probably never going to date again. I don’t want anyone to
talk about it because I’m way too nervous, and it’s weird to know other people
watch you do it (date).

“I might never leave the house again.”

But anyone in with a shot of dating Bell, must be funny and nice to waiters.

The actress tells Complex magazine, “If someone can make me laugh, you’re in
like Flynn. I like to laugh; that’s the number one for me.

“Also… if you’re not nice to the waiter (on a date), you’re
out. And you’re
not just out, I might kick your ass.”



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